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Germany’s coolest bathroom showcase on Instagram


Interview with designer Gesa Hansen: “I’ve never got sick of trees being green."


Gesa Hansen and color, it just fits. In an interview with her, we talked about how colors in the bathroom look and what that means for bathroom planning.


Color Selection von Pop up my Bathroom auf der ISH 2019

The Colour Selection trend book: a compendium of the latest colour trends in the bathroom


With its Colour Selection study at the ISH 2019, Pop up my Bathroom proved it has its finger on the pulse. The VDS communication campaign was taken up by the entire industry – and the essentials have now been published in the form of a trend book.


SensoWash Starck f von Duravit

Everything becomes flat: The SensoWash Starck f from Duravit


Twenty-three years ago, Duravit and Phillipe Starck started a partnership that led in some groundbreaking products. In 2019 is the turn of a new shower toilet generation: the SensoWash Starck f in the versions Plus and Lite.


Designer's Talk: Stefan Diez in a Conversation about the Mega Trend Colour in the Bathroom


In an interview with design journalist Frank A. Reinhardt, Stefan Diez talks about the megatrend of colour in the bathroom and the appeal of his design for Burgbad.


Björn Steinmetzler; Vereinigung Deutsche Sanitärwirtschaft e.V. (VDS)

Pop up my Bathroom showing Colour Selection at ISH 2019


Colour Selection: during this year’s leading international trade show for the sanitary industry, the ISH in Frankfurt, things at the Pop up my Bathroom trend platform will be pretty colourful.


Michael Schmidt about color, surface and material as fourth dimension in design and architecture


Colour and finish have always been the fourth dimension of product design, architecture and interior design. Without this dimension, the story hasn‘t been told to the end.