Green Bathroom

Han Nooijen, Villeroy & Boch

    Resource conservation with a sense of being close to nature

    The Green Bathroom is an evergreen that’s playing an increasingly important role for the sector. But the way to a sustainable bathroom isn’t only paved with highly complex technical products and state-of-the-art technologies; products made of natural materials that can be used for many years to come also play a vital role. The .Green Bathroom is a future concept that strives for the optimal combination of smart, water-saving and energy-saving products, eco-friendly industrial production, sustainable materials and enduring design – while simultaneously conveying a sense of being in touch with nature.

    Interview Andreas Dornbracht - Part 3:
    “A product with an aesthetic lifetime of 20 years is an ecological product.”


    In the first two parts of the interview Andreas Dornbracht has talked about demographic and architectonical solutions in the bathroom. The third and last part deals with ecology.