Pop up my Bathroom

Pop up my Bathroom: Hurry up!


Together or one after the other? That is the question. How can the usability of the (only) family bathroom be optimised if everyone insists on having his own space? 


Freibad – Freedom within Four Walls


Why is a campaign about imaginary bathrooms so very successful? How meaningful is it to invent stunning images of all the things that are or could be feasible in the bathroom? Wouldn't practical tips be more suitable for creating incentives? After all, there are already so many beautiful bathrooms in ads! And aren't the benefits of modern shower toilets already sufficiently familiar to TV viewers as well?  


Pop up my Bathroom: Photoshooting finished


The bathroom has never been pervaded by such an overwhelming sense of freedom as during this year's Pop up my Bathroom project: an extremely forward-looking concept for future development tendencies, make-believe bathroom scenarios (who's ever heard of a beer garden as the backdrop for a bathroom?) and, above all, an abundance of open sky.