Björn Steinmetzler; Vereinigung Deutsche Sanitärwirtschaft e.V. (VDS)

Pop up my Bathroom showing Colour Selection at ISH 2019

Björn Steinmetzler; Vereinigung Deutsche Sanitärwirtschaft e.V. (VDS)

During this year’s leading international trade show for the sanitary industry, the ISH in Frankfurt, things at the Pop up my Bathroom trend platform will be pretty colourful. The trend experts are postulating the end of colour abstinence in the lifestyle bathroom.

When it comes to colour, the industry is awakening from the deep sleep it appeared to fall into following the Bahama Beige and Moss Green trauma of the 1970s. After the postmodern 1980s, when glossy bathrooms in colours ranging from trendy to way-out were de rigueur, only the (non-) colour white was deemed acceptable as the essence of good taste. Over the last 20 years, cottage style, urban minimalism and snug wood effects have gradually injected a bit more pep into the bathroom again. And at the very latest with the advent of on-trend finishes in metallic colour variants, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the lifestyle cultivated in the rest of the interior is conquering the bathroom along with the desire for more cosiness.

A very special, distinct version of that lifestyle is emerging in the bathroom: black-and-white has no sooner established itself as a trend – and thus more than a default option for purists – than colour accents are starting to reappear. Here, the mix-and-match approach that is giving rise to brightly painted vintage pieces, boho rugs and cushions in the living room or accent-colour shelves in the kitchen often has lasting consequences: tiles, furniture and even bathtubs are now available in all sorts of colours – sometimes subtly tone-on-tone, sometimes in perky red, sometimes even in a vivid combination of different shades.

In 2019, Pop up my Bathroom will be a gallery for Colour Selection

The choice of colours is as individual as the people who furnish their bathrooms. So as to present the multitude of options and the most stylish combinations, the trend experts of the Pop up my Bathroom communication campaign will be turning their special exhibition in the Europa room into a gallery. There won’t just be colours on the walls, there’ll be pictures too – pictures of bathroom objects that have been artistically defamiliarised, in a stylish setting and in every colour arrangement imaginable, no matter how unusual. The exhibition is definitely worth a visit – and not just for trade professionals and design aficionados.

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Place: Messe Frankfurt, Hall 4.0, Saal Europa

From 2019 ISH is changing its sequence of days. In future, the event will begin on Monday. Next ISH will be held from 11 to 15 March 2019 (Monday to Friday).