Dr Hildegard Kalthegener talks about trend oriented colour psychology for the bathroom


"Do colour and home trends also apply to the bathroom? How can we make more turnover with colour? "asks the sales department. "What mood does a certain trend colour create? How does it affect the space and the psyche of the user?" The bathroom planners ask. And these questions are justifiedly risen by employees from the fields of planning, marketing, sales, trade and crafts.

"Nothing learned but color!" sometimes Dr. Hildegard Kalthegener in few words jokingly sums up her career as a well-known colour expert and designer. She fell in love with colour very early, painting lamps, door fittings and bicycles in her parents’ home. Decades later, the designer wrote her PhD thesis on the correlation of artistic creativity and rationally comprehensible explanation with regard to colour decisions. For many years she has been working in theory and practice within the fields of design, marketing and architecture, mainly in Germany and Europe, but sometimes also in Asia. The customers of Dr. Kalthegener come from trade and manufacturing in various sectors of the furniture, paint, kitchen and flooring industry; further partners are universities, architecture offices etc.

"How can we heal with colours?" Architects and designers sometimes ask after lectures and seminars on the subject of colour psychology. “I want to clarify in advance: I cannot heal a single disease with colour, and unfortunately, no certain colour can guarantee a sales increase, either,” answers color expert Dr. Hildegard Kalthegener on these questions. If there were clear, easy to generalize answers, we would all know and use these. Nevertheless, she is convinced that targeted and self-confidently used knowledge about psychologically based colour trends can contribute a lot to whether the customer in the bathroom studio or any person in his or her own home will feel comfortable in a new bathroom. What that means, she explains in her lectures in the Pop up Atelier at the ISH 2019.


The first requirement for successful colour design is to be precise with any nuance. Colour plays a key role in ensuring that the interplay between ceramics, wall paint, bathroom faucets and accessories is perceived as a successful overall concept for the whole.

Lecture: Trend Oriented Colour Psychology for the Bathroom

Speaker: Dr. Hildegard Kalthegener, Farbstudio Dr. K

Date: Wednesday, 13th and Thursday, 14th March 2019, each 1:00 pm

Location: Saal Europa, Hall 4.0, ISH Frankfurt/Main

The lecture will be translated into English simultanously.

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