Measuring 180 x 180 cm, this whirlpool provides plenty of space for a joint dip. The bench with handrail and clothes stand is a practical addition.  

Photo: VDS: Duravit 

Just snuggle into the neck cushion and take a relaxed approach to summer. With the latest models, you can do that whatever the weather. According to the industry's Bonn-based umbrella organisation, neither a quick shower nor extended exposure to UV light can damage the materials and technology of brand-name models. 

Photo: VDS; Villeroy & Boch 

Thanks to the sophisticated, weatherproof technology, there's no longer any need to hop in the car to enjoy an invigorating wellness experience or relaxing massage programme: all the lucky owner has to do is step outside. In view of the 24-hour standby mode and constant temperature offered by modern outdoor models, there's nothing standing in the way of balmy summer evenings spent with family and friends under a star-studded sky. And for the most part, the features of an outdoor whirlpool can be chosen on an individual basis. From the type of jets, colour and shape all the way to additional options such as coloured LED light: many of the latest models allow the user to pick and choose in line with his own ideas and needs. Whirlpool configurators can help him decide and bring what could potentially become his favourite possession to life on the PC with just a few clicks of the mouse. The industry's Bonn-based umbrella organisation thus advises would-be owners to ask their dealer about this service. 


Depending on the provider and model, matching benches, access aids, clothes stands, illuminated beverage holders or even atmospheric waterfalls and water features conjure up a relaxed mood in the soothing water. In many cases the pool comes with a cover so that, when not in use, it can be transformed into a comfortable, softly padded lounging deck. A made-to-measure tarpaulin provides protection from the weather. And fans of mobile devices will get their money's worth too. With some models, an app and WLAN can be used to bring the water to the desired temperature. Integrated sound systems with loudspeakers are another optional but widespread accessory. As a result, users can hear their favourite tunes from all sides whenever the fancy takes them. Depending on the equipment they opt for, they can hook up their radio, MP3 player or smartphone via Blue Tooth or USB.