Watertube: bottom up shower

Merge with the natural force of water, complete repose and recreation, isolation. Watertube, the alternative concept of taking a shower, offers a new experience. The blast pipe ring embedded in the ground creates a cone-shaped tube of water by which the body is embraced completely within a few seconds without producing any splashing water. The splash is stopped inside of the water wall and drains off in the circular drainage. The temperature and the operation mode are controlled by feet by means of a touch-sensitive control panel cased in the blast pipe ring. 


Entry: Watertube | Shower 

Design: Michael Spiel, Niko Mergenthaler 

University: Hochschule Pforzheim, Fakultät für Gestaltung, Pforzheim/Deutschland 

Storm: washer system for the body

Storm combines different shower processes (soap,wash,dry) in one single workflow. It reduces the amount of time and is more efficient and hygienic than foreign showers. This is possible due to a new combination of noozles, air jets and suctions. There are no more curtains, drains or even towels needed. It's only about the pure appearance of Storm. In inactive mode, it hardly doesn't need any space or you could make other use of it. Storm is a smart solution for limited living areas, such as mini-appartements or trailers. 


Entry: Storm | Shower 

Design: Hr. Niko Mergenthaler, Michael Spiel 

University: Hochschule Pforzheim, Fakultät für Gestaltung, Pforzheim/Deutschland 


Shine: light and water

Mood shower consists of: - round light source with water supply in its center - water bowl made of glass - (size 1mx1m) with small openings - 4 stainless steel rods connect glass bowl with ceiling -remote control with touchpad operates light colour and water temperature remote control can be stored wherever a magnet is attached to the wall (i.e. next to the door) function: - water flows into bowl, creates a build up until the rising surface reaches enough outer openings -> balance between inflowing and outflowing water -light shining on water generates optical ,,underwater" illusion in shower area effect: different moods depending on light colour. 


Entry: Shine | Shower 

Design: Christoph Tullius 

University: Hochschule Pforzheim, Industrial Design, Pforzheim/Deutschland 

Tank: water controller

With current water resources facing growing pressure from an increase in consumption, Australia needs to rethink its current consumption habits. This device called tank aims to provide tangible and socially accepted guidelines of previously ambiguous practices such as showering. Through collecting and processing user information, Tank is able to set specific targets to help users achieve conservation goals in the shower. You can view litres used, average consumption and quantity of water saved on a live LCD screen. 


Entry: Tank | Sustainable Shower Monitor 

Design: Charles Skender 

University: RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Design and Social Context, Melbourne/Australia 


Water-Stored Shower: water mixer

It is known to us all that we will bleed off part of the cold water before take a bath, especially in the cold winter. This phenonmenon is waste of water. This kind of shower head is designed to save a little of cold water before people taking shower. Before you turn on it, shower head will storage cold water for you. And then, it will mix the water with hot water. When the temperature meet equirements of the human body, the water will sprayed down. 


Entry: Water-Stored Shower | Shower Head 

Design: Chen Wen, Feng Yun 

University: Jiangnan University, Wuxi/China 


Air-Bar: air message

Air-Bar is a semienclosed seat to provide massage and sauna after cleaning the body.It gives a pleasant and relaxed experience comparable to shower bath while time and water consumption are significantly reduced.Covering the full body,air massage units provide a gentle but firm kneading massage by airstream.The active location and strength mode can be controlled by cellphone application.It is much safer and healthier than traditional massage by using non-contact form.The cushion can be attached to body in shape as its plastic property,thus achieve a better airflow feel.The air ring at the edge can build an air cover to keep heat and islation. 


Entry: Air-Bar | Massage Chair 

Design: Ye Tao, Guanyun Wang, Jiang Wu, Yijun Zhao 

University: Zhejiang University, Hangzhou/China 



The great Wall: water saver

The design for water conservation of small shower rooms. The purpose of the design is to collect and recycle the water splashing out and the water sprinkling on the wall while bathing, to make full use of water "The great Wall" uses the a wall curtain in the bathroom, and forms a water channel by means of water impulsion and a metallic support that is tilted, to collect the water into a barrel and prevent water from flowing away. 


Entry: The great Wall | Shower Curtain 

Design: Shengli Lai, Yuan Cao 

University: Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang/China