Snuggling up to the wall

Insert is a compact washplace from Alape that is meant to provide a functional yet aesthetically appealing solution for even the smallest bathroom. Insert consists of a filigree glazed-steel bowl that is inserted into a base cabinet of powder-coated metal. Because of its rounded edges, the cabinet blends in perfectly with the shape of the basin and, thanks to its height, conceals all the connections into the bargain. The ensemble is rounded off by an optional mirror, available with or without integrated lighting. Besides an integrated towel holder, the base unit also provides practical storage space. The corner-mounted variant is particularly space-saving and allows the basin and cabinet to be accommodated with maximum economy.  

Photo: Alape, Insert (Design: Busalt Design/Traunreut) 

Bathing in contrast

As a key area of the bathroom, the bathtub is a focal point of the overall design. With its Silhouette collection, Bette has succeeded in producing a free-standing tub out of a single piece of steel – and without a single seam. The collection of free-standing tubs now also includes a two-coloured model: gleaming white on the inside, gleaming black on the outside. The seamlessly panelled tubs are also available in three different variants, with more or less rounded lines to suit any taste. The tub can be positioned and connected in the finished bathroom as a complete unit. One very special advantage: the customer can opt to have a flexible hose Viega drain set (design: M3/ R3) pre-fitted at the factory for convenient on-site installation. 

Photo: Bette, Silhouette 

The incredible lightness of ceramic

myDay, a new and comprehensive bathroom collection from Keramag, aims to convey lightness and emotion. The collection includes wash basins, a double basin unit, built-in basins, a hand basin, a wall-mounted toilet and bidet, base cabinets, a tall cabinet, illuminated mirror elements and bathtubs. The emphatically light look is created by a reduced apron height, slanting sides and the unusually designed front edge of the basin. The shape of the big chrome-edged cover cap is meant to trigger associations with the characteristic appearance of modern cell phones. The single washstands come in a choice of widths (60, 65, 80 and 100 cm). A 130 cm wide double washstand is also available. 

Photo: Keramag, myDay 

Flatware for the bathroom

Dornbracht’s new Deque fitting collection is characterised by a stringent aesthetic language reduced entirely to the broad, flat spout. The low fitting hovers just above the basin and directs the user’s attention to the essentials: the way the water is dispensed. What makes the waterflow Dornbracht chose for this fitting so unusual are the 13 individual jets designed to give the user a special, caressing experience whenever he washes his hands. Deque is characterised by striking contrasts: not just between the gentle flow and the severe shape of the fitting, but between the flat spout and the cylindrical lever as well. This principle of contrasting forms is particularly apparent in the design of the single-lever mixer. The Deque series includes fittings for basins, bidets, showers and bathtubs.  

Photo: Dornbracht, Deque (Design: Sieger Design) 

Order behind the wall

The bathrooms of the future are sophisticated. They have to be modern yet durable, designed with a passion for detail and, most importantly of all, individual. That presents planners with the challenge of developing a holistic architecture for the room that is reflected in every single element, from the washstand to the bathtub to the fittings. With an eye to the practicability of this complex task, fittings manufacturer Hansa has developed a new concealed-installation system by the name of Matrix. The consistent grid the flush-mounted elements are based on means the components can be arranged in impeccable and reproducible style – seen here in combination with fittings from the Designo series.  

Photo: Hansa, Matrix 

Framed by light

Prestige, an illuminated mirror cabinet from Emco, features continuously dimmable LED lighting all the way round its outer edge. At the same time, the integrated LED technology is designed to create stylish lighting effects – such as illuminated storage boxes and handles – and ensure low energy consumption. The LED lighting is attached to the front edges of the aluminium carcass so that the entire interior is optimally lit when the doors are opened. When the cabinet is closed, satinised sections in the doors fit perfectly over the strip lighting and guarantee the reflection in the mirror is bathed in a glare-free and even light. The mirror cabinets are 65 cm high and available in three different widths. 

Photo: Emco, Prestige 

Finding the right angle

The new Strada series by Ideal Standard features an understated, very purist design vocabulary. The Strada range includes 90, 70, 60 and 50 cm basins that are suitable for classic wall mounting, a 60 cm wide counter-top basin with tap ledge and glazed back and a 50 cm counter-top basin without tap ledge that allows the basin to be placed on a supporting slab. The collection is rounded off by a rectangular 60 cm drop-in basin and a 50 cm wide undermount model for installation in or under a slab that comes in a range of individually selectable materials such as granite or wood. Various different units and illuminated mirrors put the finishing touches to the Strada wash area.  

Photo: Ideal Standard, Strada 


Multifaceted allure

In both architecture and industry, facetted forms seem to be exuding a growing fascination. Modern buildings, futuristic furniture, state-of-the-art electronics – these days facetted surfaces are adding the finishing touch to many a new design. Unexpected angles and unusual surface allocations create a unique sense of suspense. A self-confident design approach that is articulated in powerful style by Grohe’s new Allure Brilliant collection of bathroom fittings. The series includes free-standing fittings for the bathtub and wash basin as well as four-hole combinations for the edge of the tub. Single-lever mixers with various spout heights, two-handle taps, wall spouts in different lengths, thermostats and concealed fittings permit an individual look in a co-ordinated facetted design. 

Photo: Grohe, Allure Brilliant 

Asymmetric edge

As a distinctly intimate place, the bathroom should be just as individual as its modern user. With its new Asymmetric Duo model, Kaldewei has created a bathtub that aims to satisfy the desire for a harmonious balance between function, enjoyment and design: the deeper-than-usual edge – 12, 15.5 or 18.5 cm depending on the size of the tub – gives Asymmetric Duo an extended spatial dimension. If the deep edge is set against the wall, its generous proportions allow the fittings to be individually positioned along the edge of the tub. The ledge can also be used as a shelf for utensils, books or candles.  

Photo: Kaldewei, Asymmetric Duo (Design: Phoenix Design)