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Aktion Barrierefreues Bad ABB von VDS und ZVSHK

The barrier-free bathroom initiative Aktion Barrierefreies Bad was launched in 2013 by the Association of the German Sanitary Industry (VDS) and the German Central Association for Sanitary, Heating, Air Conditioning (ZVSHK). The declared motto was "It is never too early for accessibility in the bathroom, but quickly too late".

Since then, the initiative has clarified, among other things, on the basic requirements that barrier-free or reduced-barrier bathrooms must meet. The aspect of home care is increasingly coming to the fore. The possibilities of implementation by experienced bathroom professionals are therefore one of the important components of the information campaign. But important topics such as funding and financing are also regularly included in the public relations plan. A direct line to the ministry and KfW also helps. This is one of the reasons why the Aktion Barrierefreies Bad initiative is also an important source for people in the field. In April 2022, the German Federal Minister for Housing, Urban Development and Building Klara Geywitz took over the patronage.

Up-to-date tips on funding, products and housing advice as well as other service offers and service links can be found on the Aktion Barrierefreies Bad website (German only).

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Stylish furnishing trends have no place in the bathroom. Really? Are sanitary facilities still technology-driven and, given the effort required to install them, should they be functional and long-lasting? However, why there are more and more design proposals interpreting the bathroom as a trend-oriented space for living whilst also responding to societal trends, like health consciousness and demographic developments.