Let’s play. We’re out to build  

virtual spaces for the bathroom of tomorrow. 

The modern bathroom is a multifunctional place where elemental needs meet the desire for a little beauty in life, the desire for a sense of security and luxury. High-tech mingles with primordial naturalness, daily routines blend with cleansing rituals. United by design, materials, architecture. 

Pop up my Bathroom gives visions a place to unfold. A team of creatives, experts and trend researchers explores the possibilities that modern bathroom design holds for the bathroom culture of an individualistic society. We gather information, discuss tendencies, allow ideas to take experimental shape. With a realistic background, but with no real barriers. 


Hansgrohe sheds a little light on kitchen movement

Michelin starred chefs Quique Dacosta and Sybille Schönberger collaborate with Hansgrohe to bring to life the movement of a modern chef in a busy kitchen. The light shows their better flow in the kitchen with the Hansgrohe Metris Select kitchen mixer. 

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Elegant stainless steel look is the new trend – Supersteel kitchen faucets from Grohe

Matt instead of shiny is the new trend for kitchen faucets. In future, the familiar mirror-like gleam of chrome looks set to give way to velvety elegance. Grohe too is aiming to radiate a sense of matt understatement in the form of faucets with a Supersteel finish. 


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