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Private Spa

The bathroom as a private spa

Private building owners’ expectations of their bathrooms are growing. Besides being equipped with top-quality products in terms of water usage, air conditioning and a modern interior design, the private spa should provide more space for comfort and convenience as well. The amount of time people spend in their private spa is increasing along with the quality of the experience. Modern equipment and furnishings, meaningful zoning, a professional bathroom design and a story that’s compatible with the owner turn the private spa into a showpiece within the home. Pop up my Bathroom shows the coolest bathrooms here.

Private Spa

A relaxed start to the autumn with Bassino and the Relax Lounger from Kaldewei


The days are gradually getting shorter and the Indian summer is just around the corner. Whereas summer is a time for active leisure pursuits, autumn is a good opportunity to withdraw to the cosy atmosphere of one’s own four walls again. Relaxation and regeneration are the order of the day. Wellness enthusiasts, for instance, are often big fans of floating, an activity familiar from hotels and thermal spas. Anyone who wants to let his worries float away at home can now enjoy this particularly relaxing experience in his own bathroom: the Bassino bathtub from Kaldewei is so big that you can actually float in the water.