FAQs in bathroom planning: Part 2 Products

Beispiel einer Badezimmergestaltung von Villeroy & Boch

Freestanding bathtub or not? Double washbasin or countertop washbasin? Product selection plays a significant role in holistic bathroom design.

Bathroom planners always must be up to date. Their knowledge is the pool from which the clients' new bathroom draw their fittings - and specifically according to their individual needs. Bathroom planners act like curators. They have to select from a vast number of products those that are most suitable for the bathroom in question. A structured approach helps to "take along" the future bathroom owners. In this article, the editors of Pop up my Bathroom present the eight most important product categories.

Of course, a specific, attractive product is a good starting point for an initial consultation with the client. Nevertheless, a comprehensive briefing discussion should precede the further product selection. An on-site visit also reveals possible challenges in bathroom planning and provides insight into the clients' interior design style.

In brief: realise holistic bathroom planning with eight products

Holistic bathroom planning takes many aesthetic, architectural and functional aspects into account. Should a free-standing bathtub be the architectural eye-catcher in the new bathroom? Or is the wall with the washbasin the defining element for the interior design? Fittings and accessories are as important for the architecture of the bathroom as the choice of door handles is for the character of the house. Many bathroom products are becoming increasingly smart: from shower toilets to mirror cabinets, we can use now convenient control options via apps. Bathroom planners therefore not only act as curators of the new bathroom, but are also given an advisory role to explain complex products and optimal everyday organisation: they analyse how daily routines work, how family members use the bathroom or set up their apps, and create regular user profiles. They also clarify which lighting situations are needed and desired and integrate corresponding systems. The following compilation of the eight most important product categories serves as orientation when selecting sanitary products.

1. Bathroom furniture: storage space and homely element at the same time

Kubisches Design der Serie Xevolos von Hansgrohe

Distinguished, minimalist design for cubic bathroom furnishings: the bathroom furniture from the Xevolos series from Hansgrohe.

Discreet and intelligently packaged storage space for added comfort in the bathroom: the new Accura range from Burgbad.

The bathroom furniture from German brand manufacturers are not only chic, but also extremely functional: the valuable storage space in the bathroom can be optimally used thanks to practical drawer organisation and accessories such as laundry tilt, interior shelves, interior mirrors and hairdryer holders. Innovative technology such as smart fittings or space-saving drains save additional storage space. This not only creates plenty of space for putting things away and keeping things tidy, but also enough room to decorate - the basic prerequisite for a homely bathroom. The washbasin becomes an eye-catcher. And from minimalist bathroom furnitures to a stylish furniture programme made of real wood, diversity is the order of the day in the bathroom today.

2. Fittings: style-defining and innovative

Serie Louva von Kludi mit klaren, abgerundeten Linien

Especially in matt black, the Louva tap series from Kludi can set accents with its clear, rounded lines.

Rebris von Hansgrohe mit CoolStart-Funktion

With the CoolStart function of the Rebris from Hansgrohe, only cold water runs at the central lift position.

Tara von Dornbracht als Wandauslauf

A classic among fittings: the Tara from Dornbracht, shown here as a wall-mounted spout.

In the bathroom, the tap is one of the most development-intensive products. Every tap manufacturer experiments with the ideal tap in the jet laboratory - always in search of the perfect and most efficient water jet. The often minimalist design of the faucets does not even show how much technology is hidden inside. Saving water and energy has become a central theme in bathroom planning these days - and with innovative showers, this can be done without sacrificing comfort. New surface processes allow many colour variations, and currently metallic surfaces and the trend colour black are making an exclamation mark in the interior design of modern bathrooms.

3. Bathtubs: integrative or free-standing

BetteMono Silhouette mit Ab- und Überlaufgarnitur aus glasiertem Titan-Stahl

Like the bathtub itself, the drain and overflow fittings of the BetteMono Silhouette are made of glazed titanium steel.

Kaldewei Meisterstück Oyo Duo in Egg Shape Formgebung

The Kaldewei Meisterstück Oyo Duo in an Egg Shape form was designed by Stefan Diez.

Showering is "in", but bathtubs remain popular. Modern bathtubs also are sculptural eye-catchers in the bathroom. The classic bathtub that is always popular is the standard rectangular bathtub in various dimensions and versions, with and without a moulded-on skirt. The shooting star among bathtubs, on the other hand, is the freestanding bathtub, which makes a significant impact on the room. Variety is also the order of the day when it comes to the choice of materials: there are bathtubs made of steel enamel, sanitary acrylic, wood or mineral cast. Modern fittings integrated in the overflow help to fill the bathtub with water temperatures set precisely to the degree. A centre-drain bath can even provide a comfortable seat for two people. A recessed area for showering can also be practical for bathtub fans. Handles help with getting in and out.

4. Showers: floor-level, transparent and safe

Duschkabine Liga von Kermi

Straightforward, but variable in use: the Liga shower enclosure from Kermi.

CeraFloor Select Duo von Dallmer

The CeraFloor Select Duo from Dallmer is the first black stainless steel shower channel in lengths of up to two metres. For an accentuated or tone-in-tone design even for large shower areas.

Flache Oberfläche, ultraschlankes Profil: die Axor Shower Composition

Flat, elegant surfaces and ultra-slim profile for an architectural composition: the Axor ShowerComposition was designed by Philippe Starck.

For many people the best invention in the modern bathroom is the floor-level shower. As a tiled solution with innovative drainage channels or as a prefabricated shower surface made of steel enamel, mineral casting or ceramic: the floor-level shower facilitates convenient access without barriers for everyone, young and old. A walk-in shower with a large, transparent partition made of safety glass is an architectural highlight in the modern bathroom. For space-saving showers, foldable shower enclosures are a practical and durable solution.

5. Accessories: colourful, ergonomic and above all helpful

Accessoire-Serie Cue von Emoc Bad

The Glue accessory series from Emco Bad offers a clear design. With the Emco Glue System, the accessories can be either glued or screwed.

Ein raffinierter Brückenschlag zwischen Dusch- und Waschtischarmatur kann durch die Design-Beschläge der Serie Augustina von Glassdouche gesetzt werden.

A sophisticated bridge between shower and washbasin fittings can be created with the designer fittings from the Augustina series by Glassdouche.

In addition to fittings, accessories also define the architectural character of the bathroom: from toilet paper holders and towel holders to toilet brushes, soap dispensers and toothbrush jars to illuminated vanity mirrors, the diverse product range of accessories extends. The design of fittings and accessories is often coordinated and forms the basis of a harmonious bathroom design. The common denominator is not only the colour scheme but also the identical surface. Black is currently a trend-setting variant, but metallic surfaces such as copper, stainless steel or platinum are also popular in the bathroom. Coloured accessories not only set homely accents, but also provide strong contrasts and the best orientation in the barrier-free bathroom.

6. Washbasins: style-defining eye-catcher in the bathroom

Antao von Villeroy & Boch

With Antao from Villeroy & Boch, a separate shape was developed for each washbasin size.

Vitrium von Duravit

The most striking design feature of Vitrium by Duravit is the shallow furniture depth with the protruding countertop basin, which is why the design is also suitable for compact bathrooms.

The washbasin is workplace, decorative surface, water point - all in one. But it is even more. It is the place where you meet yourself, look yourself in the eye, wash yourself, care for yourself and style yourself. The washbasin can be designed as an arrangement with built-in furniture, on a console slab or as a pure, wall-hung ceramic washbasin. Most often, however, the washbasin is realised in combination with a vanity unit, such as a countertop washbasin, surface washbasin or countertop bowl.

The washbasin itself can be made of many materials: Sanitary ceramics, mineral casting, glass or steel enamel are the most practical materials for everyday use in the bathroom. The matching vanity unit is both a work surface and storage space. There are also washbasins made of mineral cast or ceramic, which are custom-made to an individually desired width. A washbasin console is simply a base for a countertop washbasin, which is available in many rectangular or bowl-shaped versions. A double washbasin can be comfortably used by two people at the same time. The tap is usually installed directly on the washbasin (with a cut-out tap hole), but depending on the design, it can also be installed on the vanity unit or on the console - then usually in a raised version. The washbasin often forms the starting point for bathroom planning, because it is the eye-catcher in the bathroom and thus a style-forming element in interior design.

7. Toilets: hygienic, economical and innovative

Dusch-WC mit vielen Funktionen: SensoWash von Duravit

Many functions combined in one shower toilet: using Bluetooth, all functions of the SensoWash from Duravit can be conveniently controlled with a remote control or the app.

Acanto Wand-WC mit TurboFlush

Acanto wall-hung WC with hydraulically optimised TurboFlush geometry. This guides the flushing water through the ceramic like a powerful whirlpool. The water flow is precisely matched to the concealed cisterns from Geberit.

A lot has happened around the toilet in recent years: the rimless toilet and new interior geometries make the toilet easy to clean and water-saving. The shower toilet, on the other hand, is primarily a comfort enhancement in terms of hygiene - but by enabling a reduction in toilet paper consumption (especially moist toilet paper), the shower toilet also shows a sustainability effect. Matching toilet seats with lifting and lowering mechanisms round off the comfort advantage in toilets. Touch-free actuator plates increase ease of use and hygiene. Tip: A power connection should always be provided for possible retrofitting with a shower toilet or comfort functions.

8. Light in the bathroom: functional and emotional

Offene Fächer der Qatego-Serie von Duravit mit Beleuchtung

The lighting on the open compartments in the Qatego series from Duravit brings a homely atmosphere and transparency to the bathroom.

Leuchtende Spiegelumrandung von Hansgrohe

A luminous mirror, such as the pictured one from Hansgrohe, provides atmospheric light beyond the washbasin. The light colour can often be adapted to the situation.

Accura-Spiegel von Burgbad mit umlaufender LED-Beleuchtung und Heizung

The all-round LED lighting and the heating of the Accura mirror from Burgbad can be operated directly via the mirror surface.

Professional lighting design is becoming increasingly important in the bathroom: the homely bathroom is perfectly complemented by the use of emotional light. The use of functional light is an important prerequisite for everyday user comfort. Thanks to modern LED luminaires, the use of current-carrying light sources in the bathroom is largely unproblematic today. Illuminated shelves or illuminated furniture have therefore become an integral part of interior design. Mirror cabinets can become the starting point for effective lighting design in the bathroom - with adjustable colour temperatures or innovative lighting concepts for the entire room.

The knowledge about innovations in the bathroom: ISH innovations & beyond

At the latest when the bathroom is to become a lifestyle bathroom, the products "in front of the wall" play a central role in bathroom design. The basic elements of modern bathroom planning are technical innovations such as a shower toilet, but also stylish bathroom furniture, fittings or accessories. The bathroom is becoming increasingly fashionable and interior design is getting an essential role in bathroom planning. In addition to style-defining aspects, sustainable selection criteria are also becoming more and more important. To make the right decision, it is good to know the latest products for the bathroom. In the Pop up my Bathroom online magazine, the most important innovations for the bathroom are continuously shown - digitally and live again at ISH 2025 in the Bathroom Experience in Frankfurt.

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