Dornbracht CL.1

Dornbracht icons with custom finishes

Dornbracht Tata

Tata is the original, remaining familiar yet new at the same time.

At the moment, the interiors sector (and with it bathroom furnishing as well) seems to be moving towards a relatively pronounced quality orientation. Towards a natural luxury that seems to combine several longings: we want to live greener, more stylish, more colourful, more natural and more sustainable – also in the bathroom.

This luxury is evident in the choice of shapes and materials and in the high quality workmanship. Dornbracht's design icons want to embody lasting value and timeless elegance that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Proven design principles such as exact angles and radii, clear lines, and precise contours ensure durability and longevity that outlasts eras, styles and trends.

Finishes as an own dimension of product design

Dornbracht Tata

Taras fascinating aura is the result of a balance in function, design and performance.

Dornbracht MEM

With its minimalist design, variety of surfaces and a broad product range, MEM offers numerous options for the individual design of bathrooms and spas.

Dornbracht CL.1

The variety of finish variants in the CL.1 line was inspired by the progressive exteriors of style-setting architectural works.

Along with the design shape, finishes and coulours are the fourth dimen­sion of prod­uct design. The choice of mate­ri­als has a sig­nif­i­cant influ­ence on style and ambi­ence: For instance, the sur­face char­ac­ter­is­tics of the fit­tings in a bath­room can deter­mine whether the inte­rior appears time­less and ele­gant, cool and mod­ern, or sen­sual and warm. They can har­mo­niously accen­tu­ate a style, or cre­ate a fas­ci­nat­ing oppo­site extreme. And the right interplay of shape, surface and color can create an icon.

Tara, MEM and CL.1 are particularly striking examples of this from Dornbracht. Tara wants to unite traditional design and timeless modernity. Inspired by the Bauhaus school, it interprets an archetype that has been familiar for generations. With its characteristic cross handles, this fitting makes the bathroom or the kitchen an aesthetically designed living space. Unusual finishes such as Brushed Durabrass, which is plated with 23-carat gold, give it a luxurious look.

MEM embodies purity, reduction, and balance. The fitting adds stylish elegance to minimalist bathrooms, yet its intentionally subtle design places the element of water in the foreground. Its flat, wide spout conveys an elementary aesthetic. In addition, MEM impresses with expressive finishes, such as the velvety, exquisite Platinum matte.

The progressive CL.1 is the icon of a new age. Dynamic, sculptural and ultra-modern, it adds an extravagant touch. CL.1 can be customized with different handle variations and finishes.