Bathroom planning: the fitness factor is gaining importance

Das Fitnessbad

With the right room concept and the appropriately equipped bathroom, your own home can also become a place for fitness and regeneration.

Summer is long gone and the winter is well and truly here. Because of the season and the corona pandemic, we’re spending most of our evenings at home. The challenge now is to stay fit so that we’re in the best possible shape for spring. A targeted workout in your own four walls can definitely help, and with the right concept for making the most of the space and the suitable equipment, the bathroom can play an important role in staying fit and well too. After all, water, air and warmth are the ideal way to regenerate after exercise and can play a supporting role in the success of the training programme.

A growing number of architects and bathroom planners are incorporating the fitness factor into their refurbishment projects and transforming the bathroom into a private spa – after all, an appropriate atmosphere and the right kind of regeneration after exercising can be very beneficial. Effective spinning or training on a rowing machine – which these days can even imitate the noise of the oars dipping into the water – have twice the effect when water and warmth create a healthy balance with mind, body and soul. So a bathroom designed with fitness in mind provides the ideal conditions for avoiding aching muscles and ensuring the results of the training programme, such as targeted fat burning and building up muscle, are not short-lived.

Training and regeneration are also possible at home

Ciclotte Fitnessrad

Modern bathrooms radiate a homely atmosphere, which is increasingly reflected in more technical equipment. This also includes fitness equipment, which you can see less and less for their fitness character.

And if it’s only a few short steps from the sweat-inducing training machine to the cooling shower, all the better – especially if you can finish off by rewarding yourself with a soak in a luxurious tub. The warm bathwater relaxes the muscles and clears the mind – the perfect wellness programme for body and soul. And a shower alone can be enough to help loosen the muscles if it has a choice of different spray modes. Hose jets can be applied to the extremities to improve circulation, and special foot baths help strengthen the immune system. But a whirl system with muscle-relaxing massage jets can also ensure lasting regeneration in the comfort of the user’s own four walls.

Special products for special relaxationHeadline

Dornbracht LifeSpa

With vertically installed nozzles, the massage jet can target specific muscle areas.

Dornbracht Vertical Shower

With vertically installed nozzles, the massage jet can target specific muscle areas.

Dornbracht Horizontal Shower

With the Horizontal Shower from Dornbracht, the water massage with cold-blooded rain jets and varying amounts of water runs in opposite directions from the shoulders and the soles of the feet to the center of the body.

Kaldewei Soft Touch Düsen

With the Skin Touch feature from Kaldewei the bathwater is enriched with millions of microfine air bubble ...

Kaldewei Skin Touch

... these air bubbles result not just in deep relaxation but in a rejuvenating effect as well.

Some manufacturers offer extra-special features too. Vertically installed jets with a massage spray, for instance, can be aimed at certain muscles for targeted relief. And if there’s no shortage of space in the private spa, Dornbracht’s Horizontal Shower provides ultimate relaxation. The hydromassage moves along the body with alternating hot and cold showers of rain, in opposite directions from the shoulders and soles of the feet to the centre of the body. According to the manufacturer, the fine showers of water followed by intense rain have a revitalising effect on the body. And Kaldewei offers a whole new dimension of relaxation: bathtubs with the Skin Touch feature. The bathwater is enriched with millions of microfine air bubbles – according to Kaldewei, that results not just in deep relaxation but in a rejuvenating effect as well.