The health-policy principle of ‘out-patient before in-patient care’ can only succeed if private households are converted into health locations. The key to success in this case is the development of the bathroom into a care setting for older people, as well as people in need of support and nursing. This calls for new constructional solutions, e.g., the design of comfortable bathrooms in confined spaces, as well as technical assistance systems that make it easier for relatives and out-patient nursing staff to look after people in their own homes.

In his presentation Mathias Thiel talks about the results of the study "Therapeutic Bathroom 2030” (Pflegebad 2030) to give the installation trade the wherewithal to advise customers comprehensively in their homes and to plan, install and maintain the relevant technical systems in confined spaces. Moreover, the study generates new impulses for product development and product adaptations in the interests of those affected.

Lecture: Therapeutic Bathroom 2030: Planning of the Bathroom as a Workplace for Nursing Staff

Speaker: Matthias Thiel, ZVSHK

Date: Friday, 15. March 2019, 11:00 am

Location: Saal Europa, Hall 4.0, ISH Frankfurt/Main

The lecture will be held in German.

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