Pastel shades: modern, feminine, cosy and trendy

Bette Bettelux Silhouette

Pastel shades are a big interior design trend right now - mint, pale pink or light blue look welcoming and can be used to create colour accents. Pastel bathrooms conjure up a pretty new world – sometimes trendy, sometimes fanciful, but always with a dash of escapism.

In short, they’re a great place to start the day! Combining pink with brown elements – perhaps a light wood floor or tiles – underscores the cosy look. In the bathroom, these modern-looking colours are mainly used for the outer surfaces of bathtubs or washbowl basins. But the wall behind the vanity unit is also a great canvas for giving the bathroom a fresh boost. Light pastel shades are particularly suitable for small bathrooms because they make the space seem bigger, especially when paired with large-format tiles and plain walls. The effect works particularly well with grey, which is no doubt why the combination of pink and grey – often bordering on silver – is probably one of the most popular colour harmonies for the bathroom right now. And powdery dusky pink used in conjunction with white and grey is nothing short of romantic.