An insider tip for creative bathroom design:
The green oasis

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Two developments are fostering the trend towards a bathroom dipped in green. Firstly, the longing for natural surroundings in which nature is perceptible as humankind’s primordial home. And secondly, green is a trending colour that creates a wonderful mood – especially when combined with plants.

What’s more, a combination of different shades of green is relatively unproblematic. Solitaires like a freestanding bathtub can be used to make a statement, and the colour space can range from a mysterious dark green for an upmarket, comfortable bathroom all the way to a fresh May green – a great choice for young families. What’s more, green is an excellent basis for telling intriguing stories, for instance when combined with big patterns, floral wallpapers, photo wallpapers and a little jungle of plants that will add an exotic touch to any bathroom.