Diva 2.0 makes stage debut
Waiting to make a grand entrance


Photo: Christoph Meinschäfer, burgbad 

How do you achieve cult status? What’s the definition of style and how do you become a style icon? Do the likes of divas à la Garbo, Mercury or Madonna even still exist nowadays? Or is it more a case of starlets and It girls wherever you look? 

Not everyone is desperate for a place in the limelight, of course – but one way or another, we do all try to find our own personal style. Preferably one that’s a little out of the ordinary. Standing out from the crowd is the main thing. But it can be hard to keep that up over the years. So what is it that actually constitutes a diva – her art or her glamorous presence, her magnetism or her legendary flamboyance? Will the audience sense it if her arrogance is only an attempt to mask insecurity? And then, finally, the moment comes and the curtain rises. What now? 


It will soon become apparent who the true diva is. She’ll never show signs of stage fright. She doesn’t need any grand gestures or poses to cast her spell on the room. She’s simply herself, nonchalant, unintimidated by time and space, by the nervous commotion around her. She radiates a sense of calm. Shines. Wherever she is. In the spotlight or backstage. Her quality doesn’t depend on fashions. Because her beauty is timeless. 

She’s the genuine article: a true diva. 

Diva 2.0: With the relaunch of its bathroom furniture classic Diva, burgbad has brought out a collection with a timeless, classic flair that fits in with a wide range of contexts, from modern all the way to opulent. Diva 2.0’s elliptical shape, the wide variety of superbly varnished wood veneer fronts available and the lesene-like legs add up to a highly expressive character. The perfectly round mirrors draw admiring glances. Timeless and unruffled on the outside, the vanity unit and storage door cabinet open to reveal superb inner qualities. The furniture speaks for itself without making waves: a glamorous but surprisingly unpretentious diva. 



Keen on contrast 

Who’s playing the starring role here? How is a piece of exquisite furniture perceived in considerably less exquisite surroundings? Can it shine or does it get pulled down? Bathroom furniture specialist burgbad decided to find out and turned its new Diva 2.0 collection into the protagonist of a backstage scenography. The experimental photo shoot shows the lead singer of a grunge band before she makes her entrance. The setting is the backstage area of the Luxor, a cult club in Cologne where many now-famous groups have performed over the years before making their breakthrough. But the brand new Diva 2.0 vanity ensemble in wood veneer isn’t part of the normal club furnishings. What a pity!