Each utility can be pulled out and pushed back in again as and when required at the touch of a remote control. Aptly dubbed ‘the bathroom in a box’ and ‘the disappearing loo’, the UB1 creates the ultimate contemporary, minimalist aesthetic - a bold, new paradigm in interior design. 


Uniq Bathrooms’ director and UB1 designer, Malcom Carver, says that just as the dishwasher revolutionised the kitchen, the UB series of appliances is poised to revolutionise the conventional bathroom space. There’ll no longer be any need for the physical presence of a separate toilet, hand basin and shower in the bathroom.  


“You just won’t see them,” said Malcolm. “All you’ll see is a streamlined, white panel. From the outside, it’ll be the same size as a dishwasher and just like a dishwasher, it can be either freestanding or built in. There’s just no need for all that wasted space anymore.”  


The UB1 can halve the size of a traditional bathroom, which usually requires at least one square metre of space for each fixture. The UB series needs just one square metre all up and can reduce the floor area required for a typical bathroom by up to 60%; and if it’s in a luxury bathroom it leaves space for a bath.  


Uniq Bathrooms’ products are ideal not just for small spaces on land – such as in apartments, hotels or hospitals – but are also perfect for ships and aeroplanes. With its space efficiency, comes a substantial pro rata cost saving with less tiling and waterproofing. 


All models of the UB series are constructed of stainless steel, the acrylic toilet seat is coated with a white epoxy resin coating. The UB1 contains a toilet, handbasin, three storage drawers and optional shower (UB1-S); the UB2 has just the toilet and handbasin; and the top-of-the-range UB3 has all three major fixtures, and comes with a prefabricated glass shower recess and self-draining timber base.  


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