New installation and sealing systems: simpler, faster, more secure


Kaldewei is extending its range of shower solutions, adding new and improved assembly and sealing systems. A clear goal was defined in developing this product: make installation even simpler, faster and more secure for plumbers. To this end the sanitary company is now launching its new ESR floor-level installation system frame, the FR 5300 FLEX leg frame, and the sealing kits FLEX and floor-level. 

The new installation systems are coordinated with various shower models and types of installation. Because of its all-round profile the ESR installation system frame is predestined for the easy and secure installation of floor-level shower surfaces. The FR 5300 FLEX foot frame can be used flexibly for virtually every type of installation for enamelled shower surfaces, regardless of whether floor-level, placed on a tiled floor, or as a raised solution. Thanks to an optional expansion system, the installation frame allows for additional built heights of up to 250 millimetres.  


All of the new systems are consistently geared to the plumbers needs, enabling them to carry out the installation with exceptional speed and ease with the help of pre-assembled system components. In addition, all components can be easily accessed throughout the entire installation process – for individual adjustment of the installation frame or fine-tuning, for instance. By means of a new 3D leg system and the FR 5300 FLEX’s additional guide markings for extension, plumbers can flexibly and easily adjust lengths and heights to suit any kind of installation. A further service: easy-to-understand, non-verbal assembly instructions and QR codes with links to helpful assembly videos. Everything is thus in place for fast, easy installation and bathroom professionals can retrieve further information directly on site if required. 


The new sealing kits enable exceptionally easy handling and fast installation on site thanks to their prefabricated elements. At the same time they offer great flexibility since the plumber can use them for various models and installation situations. The FLEX sealing kit can be used for both bathtubs and shower trays installed at a greater height. The floor-level sealing kit was specially developed for sealing floor-level shower surfaces. 


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