Unrestricted individuality:
the barrier-free models of DuraStyle


Age-appropriate and accessible product solutions in bathrooms enable independence and comfort. The complete DuraStyle programme has an understated, simple design that opens up tremendous design freedom and scope for individuality. This can be realised with a variety of different models, for example, the Vital products. The wall-mounted Vital Rimless toilet and the Vital and Vital Med washbasins (with hygienically sealed overflow) complement the timelessly modern DuraStyle series, offering practicality, flexibility and design.  

This is Duravit’s first barrier-free rimless toilet: thanks to the open, easily accessible rim area, the bowl is particularly easy to keep clean for optimum hygiene. This is especially important in barrier-free bathrooms as people with restricted mobility often spend longer in sanitary rooms and have a lot of physical contact with the facilities.  


The toilet has a raised seat providing a comfortable sitting position. The seat height of 46-48 cm not only provides relief for the physically impaired but is also a useful bonus for the tall. The seat area has been increased to 70 cm and both the toilet seat and the toilet-seat ring have a longer projection. Corner bumpers and a continuous hinge pin provide additional stability.  


In addition to raised toilets, wheelchair-accessible washbasins are some of the most common measures for enhancing comfort in the bathroom. The washbasin is the functional centre of the bathroom and should always be easily accessible. With legroom at least 67 cm high and 30 cm deep, the DuraStyle Vital washbasins can be easily used when sitting either on a stool or in a wheelchair. The ergonomic shape of the basin is designed to be used in a seated position and facilitates use of the washing area. The narrow, delicate rim is characteristic of the range and increases the volume of the basin. Both the toilet and the washbasins meet current ISO standards for inclusive design in compliance with DIN 18040-1 (publically-accessible buildings) and DIN 18040-2 (domestic buildings). 


The large DuraStyle range offers a huge number of combinations that, thanks to the Vital models, can be further customised to meet individual needs. Barrier-free products give the range even greater flexibility and variety. 


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