Lighting solutions concealed in the walls


With his new LED line, Verve, Georg Bechter returns the wall lamp to its original basic function – bathing the room in light! The simple lighting units are smoothed flush into plasterboard as concealed lighting elements and so can blend in subtly with any environment. The trick of the Verve collection is its seamless integration of light into surface. In this way, the Verve collection provides concealed lighting without visible lamps: beams of light projected, as if by magic, from the ceiling or walls into the room, therefore not affecting the ambience. 

Sometimes we use light to create our special atmosphere in the bathroom - especially with indirect illumination. But lighting can sometimes distract from the bathroom architecture. This is exactly what designer Georg Bechter has tried to avoid with his Verve collection. According to Bechter, the Verve collection stands for functional, elegant and subtle lighting design. By incorporating Verve wall or ceiling lighting into the design concept of the bathroom, there is plenty of scope for creating a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere. 


The built-in lights from Georg Bechter are specifically designed for drywall construction. They can be incorporated into all plasterboard panels. The lights can be easily integrated as a moulded part into any interior drywall. Made of high-strength special plaster, they have been designed for a wall thickness of 12.5 mm and so fit in all standard wall systems. 


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