Bordbar: airy storage for the bathroom


Bordbar is rooted in a deep passion for using old furniture in different contexts. It all started out with old cinema seats and steel lockers. After a while some airplane trolleys made their way into the mix. The idea to transform this discarded industry product into a piece of design furniture was more than well received.  

The design of the trolleys mainly come from the in-house design studio. They are an expression of individual culture - even in the bathroom or kitchen. Customers include not only private clients but also big companies who use these functional trolleys at trade fairs for promotional or marketing purposes. Therefore Boardbar is constantly working on new designs, new technology and new features for its trolleys. 


Rivet Rocker models for example are prepared and upgraded in a very special way. Aluminium sheets are polished to a high gloss and mounted to the trolley with more than 500 rivets. Every rivet is applied by hand. The profiles of the Rivet Rocker models of the flight edition are also polished. Optically the rivet rocker is reminiscent of the surfaces of old planes such as the legendary DC-3. 


And with its new Cube, Bordbar opens up a new dimension of versatility. Instead of a trolley serving as an individual piece of vertical furniture Cube claims the horizontal space as a sideboard. Whether positioned as a solitary box, an addition to a group, next to each other, on top of each other, on the ground or on the wall: Cube stays flexible, whatever your interior design needs. 


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