Green Light for Designpreis Halle 2014:
The search for designs on the topic of Water begins


Designpreis Halle – which comes with prize money of altogether Euro 10,000 – calls for entries for the third time. We are looking for designs from all over the world that examine the topic, Water, in an intense and creative manner.  

"The topic, Water, is of high current and global significance and can, therefore, raise a multitude of practical, design theoretical and socio-cultural questions in environmental, economic, ethic and social terms", says curator Vincenz Warnke, Professor of Industrial Design at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle.  


Contributions to this international design competition may include new services or concepts for innovative action and user strategies, but also products that address our treatment of water as a resource or examine the sensual quality of water as a material. Awards are made to outstanding design products, ideas and concepts. The award winners are selected by an expert jury. 


The registered society Designpreis Halle e.V. offers Designpreis Halle every three years. It is awarded together with the City of Halle, the region´s economic partners and Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design. It aims to bring together economy and design, to sharpen the senses for excellent design, and to offer an incentive for young designers to present their products to a wider audience and to seek competition. 


Another speciality of this international award is that a new topic is introduced each time. A historic building that relates to this topic is chosen as a venue for the exhibition and the presentation of the nominated works, providing an extraordinary setting for the award ceremony, too. 


Designers and students of all design disciplines who have not reached 40 years of age on the closing date for submission on January 31, 2014 are admitted to the competition. There is no entry fee. All costs for shipment and return shipment of the entry must be paid by the participant. 


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