The wall unit that turns the bathroom into living space


Bathroom furniture specialist Burgbad has developed a new kind of bathroom furniture system in collaboration with designer Marc Sadler: as the name suggests, Cconceptwall turns the wall into the key element of the bathroom design. Unlike conventional bathroom furniture collections, Cconceptwall is a modular “wall in front of the wall” system that is about to merge the surface of the wall, the furniture and the washstand into a single homogeneous unit. The result is a coherent piece of furniture for the bathroom which, succeeds in creating a cosy and almost weightless effect. 

The crucial product benefit Cconceptwall offers is however the, so the manufacturer says, almost infinite combinability of its elements. Similarly to a construction set, the washstands can be combined with deck-mounted or wall-mounted fittings, tall cabinets, mirrors and shelves in various sizes and top panels as required. But also solitaire solutions are possible. 


The elements can be configured to create totally different types of furniture: closed fronts or open shelves; a compact cabinet or loosely arranged groupings; – nearly the sky’s the limit. And the key module – the washstand – can either be accentuated as a design element or deliberately understated. 


Cconceptwall’s visual lightness doesn’t just stem from the fact that it is airily mounted on the wall. It also results from the design’s consistently uninterrupted surfaces. So as not to ruin the effect of the continuous surfaces, the towel holders are integrated into recesses underneath the washstand overhang. A solution that is just as inconspicuous and space-saving as the way the lights are incorporated under the top panel and in the mirror cabinet. 


Dimmable, indirect light and good, individually adjustable lighting number amongst Cconceptwall’s important quality hallmarks. Even when a mirror cabinet is mounted above the pre-wall, the integrated LED lights bathe the entire width of the washstand in an even, shadow-free light. The generous storage areas are clearly lit and the ambient lighting provides additional safety. 


Besides the good lighting, the individualisability of the components means that, almost as if by coincidence, Cconceptwall satisfies many of the requirements of Universal Design. Choosing a one-piece pull-out shelf, for instance, creates space for seating under the washstand, and the wide finger grooves and convenient handling of the pullouts and cabinets cater to the needs of older users without compromising the aesthetics. 


The efficient and ergonomically designed interior features also play an important role in the functionality of the new range. The pullouts are lined with non-slip mats and fitted with variable and extendable organisers, whilst the tall cabinets can be equipped with integrated sockets, hairdryer and tumbler holders, or even storage boxes that are simply clicked onto the inner walls of the carcass. 


The starting point for designing a room with Cconceptwall is selecting a washstand. Here the customer can choose between two basic principles. The model developed for deck-mounted fittings features a fully integrated back wall; thanks to a u-shaped section on the wall side of the washstand, it can be combined with the wall unit and shelves without the need for a silicon seam, thus providing easy-to-clean splash protection for the sides of the furniture. In the case of a pre-wall installation, a reduced-depth washstand without a back wall can be used to prevent the overall volume looking too overpowering and preserve the lightweight, uninterrupted look. 


With the variant for the installation of wall-mounted fittings, a slot drain and innovative drain technology mean the pullout shelf doesn’t need a cut-out to accommodate the trap; the fully integrated back wall of the washstand has been brought forward to make it flush with the cabinets. Besides creating a homogeneous, uninterrupted front, this also makes the wall-mounted fittings easy to install without having to open the wall. As a result, wall-mounted fittings are even possible in places where they have not been anticipated by the architecture – in rented apartments, for instance. But regardless of which washstand variant the customer opts for – anything technical disappears inside the cabinet, giving the washstand and furniture the appearance of a compact, integral unit. 


Burgbad’s style worlds Earth, Fire, Water and Air aren’t just a way of providing concrete design suggestions; they are also a response to people’s different styles, attitudes and outlooks on life as well. Named after the elements, each of the four categories describes the aesthetic characteristics that can be imparted by the respective colours and finishes. The Earth selection, for instance, is dominated by materials with a down-to-earth impact and warm, natural colours, whereas Fire features strong contrasts with accents ranging from mustard-yellow all the way to red or aubergine. The Water world promises freshness, with wood shades ranging from limed grey to dark in combination with colours that shimmer from green to mint. Finally, the Air category features expressive black-and-white contrasts with fresh accents from the blue portion of the spectrum, radiating a sense of clarity and elegance. 


The handles are also available in several variations, from meticulously countersunk finger grooves that can be centrally or asymmetrically positioned all the way to metal handles and even a handle-less variant with tip-on technology. The back panels of the open shelves, available in a choice of four vibrant colours, are another special feature that is ideal for creating unusual accents. 


As a result, Cconceptwall doesn’t just adapt to different spatial situation, it adapts to the personal tastes of its users as well: it could be elegant and reticent, unusual and expressive, natural and warm, cool and architectural – like a chameleon that can change its colour to echo its surroundings. 


Because Cconceptwall can be used to design entire wall surfaces, the bathroom furniture collection can also take on the functions usually performed by the wall covering and even replace it to some extent. Especially when it comes to renovations, it allows individual solutions to be implemented relatively easily: old tiles are covered up and the pre-wall systems and technology are simply integrated into the new furnishings. 


Cconceptwall’s market positioning is just as flexible as the design possibilities it offers: it is equally suitable for new builds and renovations, for private homes and contract assignments. It is a system that offers many possibilities for variation and is easy to plan: a creative construction set for experienced bathroom planners and imaginative consumers. A freely accessible online configurator helps turn the bathroom into a space with a very personal appeal. 


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