A˘system init by Alape: Washplaces as an Expression of Personality


People are unique - just like their values and principles which are mirrored in their various characters and lifestyles. The individual design of living spaces follows these styles and is an expression of the personality. It is therefore vital that the washplace, being an intimate central point of the daily cleaning rituals, should represent the lifestyle. With the new furniture system A˘system init, Alape is offering a wide selection of solutions for the design of washplaces that emphasise the specific character of their owner. Later this year, there will be a new online configurator available to aid the planning of the individual washplace.  

Since the introduction of individual planning for furniture systems in 2005, the personalisation of the washplace has been the essential component of bathroom design for Alape. In 2012 the Goslar factory introduced a modular furniture program especially for use in combination with washstands, in the form of A˘system addit. Also developed with Sieger Design, A˘system init is leading this same direction resolutely into the future by allowing for the integration of different basin types and shapes in various countertops and furniture modules. 


Depending on personal style »A˘system init« can be holistically and aesthetically composed together with a wide selection of basins of glassed steel, as well as countertops and furniture of varying dimensions, materials and surfaces. Various built-in, countertop, sit-on and dish basins made from glassed steel can be integrated in the furniture harmoniously and with a high degree of precision.  


Besides the diversity of shapes available for each specific type of basin, the various furniture modules and countertops play a central role in the creation of the washplace. A wide range of materials, such as natural stone and polished or satined glass, as well as surfaces of real-wood finish, wood effect or high-gloss lacquer, provide maximum diversity in the individual creation of the washplace. To aid this individual conception, Alape is currently developing a configurator which will be available for all bathroom planners and interested end-consumers soon. 


Clearly designed furniture modules, an exact shadow-gap design and grip and hollow-free drawers are about to emphasise the aesthetic demands of the system. The drawers are opened and closed comfortably and easily thanks to a push-to-open mechanism. All furniture elements which can also be employed as sideboards are functionally extendible with additional accessories such as drawer inserts, integrated plugs, hand-towel holders and paper-towel dispensers, as well as mirrors and lighting systems. 


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