Even in the bathroom consumers are using more technical products – from MP3 players over flatscreens all the way to computers and online services. The technologies herald an improvement in day-to-day life and stand for a new generation of products that focus firmly on their users’ needs. Taking a bath has now become even more comfortable with the new Kaldewei Comfort Select. Therefore Kaldewei offers an electronic fitting with digital, user-friendly operating panel to regulate water inlet and outflow, water temperature, and shower or bath function. 

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Especially in times of constantly rising electricity costs, it is important to adopt an efficient approach to energy consumption. It makes sense, for instance, to charge the batteries of electric cars or start the washing machine automatically at night, when electricity is at its cheapest. Unused energy from batteries can then be used to run the refrigerator during the day.  


In addition, when leaving the house, the occupant can use integrated control technology to switch off everything that doesn’t necessarily need a constant supply of electricity – on a per-room basis too, if he likes. This also helps minimise the amount of electronic smog in the bedroom, for instance. The heating can be conveniently switched on at the push of a button, even when there’s nobody home. And when they’re on holiday, homeowners can control the blinds, lighting, hi-fi or television automatically to make it seem as if the house is occupied. In the bathroom, the tub can be filled with water at just the right temperature so you can slip straight in as soon as you get home from a tiring day at work. 


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Whether it's news, traffic, appointments, emails, weather or even your blood pressure: With the "b in touch" app, you can keep an eye on everything while shaving or putting on your makeup. It only takes one touch, and your mobile companion puts the news, weather and sports right onto your bathroom mirror. 

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Berlin real estate company Thamm & Partner goes one step further with its vision of the future. When a client buys an apartment, he is given an iPad along with the deeds – and thus also convenient online access to a concierge service. If he wants, he can then have his laundry picked up, the apartment cleaned by reliable staff, the shopping done, concert tickets booked or a table reserved at his favourite restaurant. When he’s away, the concierge service takes care of the apartment, letterbox and plants. As a designated representative, the concierge is always reachable. This type of service is becoming increasingly important – especially for the elderly – and the more people become accustomed to making use of such possibilities, the lower their inhibition threshold when it comes to taking advantage of such services. As a result, people can spend more years of their lives living safely and comfortably in their own four walls. Components such as a reminder function, visual bell signals or emergency call services are easy to integrate into Bus systems. In addition, the higher technical performance level means care and service capacities can be efficiently planned and the quality of the support provided improved.  



The web concierge is intended to be the helping hand in the household at any time of day or night. The service was developed as part of the intelligent living concept offered in the Berlin real estate company’s construction projects. The web concierge service is for instance included in the price per square metre for a new build project in Potsdam by the name of “LEIBL22”. When a client buys an apartment, he is given an iPad that he can use to contact the web concierge online at the push of a button – from anywhere in the world. The aim of the intelligent living concept is to redefine the way people live in their homes and thus set new standards in the housing industry.  


Günter W. Reichelt, head of marketing and sales at Thamm & Partner, says: “The integration of intelligent household technology was defined as standard for our housing projects: the service is included in the price. It is incomprehensible that, in the age of the internet and smartphones, the technical standard in classic housing construction does not go beyond telephone lines and central heating. Multimedia jacks in every room, intelligent control systems for saving energy and security functions should have become the universal standard long ago. We hope to play a pioneering role and contribute to the development of the German real estate industry.” 



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