Especially in the bathroom, the coating prevents water penetrating, reduces the amount of time and materials needed for the renovation work and thus helps integrate the wet areas into the overall architectural concept of the building. “We don’t just want to give the wet area a special character or redesign it architecturally,” explains Matthias Freimuth, head of the Livinghouse team of interior architects. “We also want to integrate it and add some effective accentuation.” 


Incorporating all the existing spaces into an integrated planning concept is Sanitär Wahl GmbH’s speciality. In the Stuttgart-based company’s subsidiary Livinghouse, a team of interior architects utilises innovative design techniques combined with expert know-how. Only experienced contractors who master the new techniques and share the company’s fascination with interior architecture are entrusted with the execution of the projects.  


The seamless PUR-Loft finish is excellently suited to Livinghouse’s work. The new coating technique is based on an innovative technology: synthetic, metallic or natural components are added to a synthetic resin binder, thus making the PUR-Loft coating highly versatile in terms of its visual effect as well. A natural-looking finish can for instance be created by incorporating engineered stone powder or walnut and coconut shells, particles or flakes of which are worked into the respective binder. Finely ground granite can be used to produce a stone-like character, whereas slate gives the finish a velvety elegance. Modern, colourful elements or translucent, backlightable concrete borders are created by incorporating plastic particles that are available in virtually any shade imaginable. 


Another benefit: the hard-wearing PUR-Loft coatings can be applied extremely thinly, adding just 2-3 millimetres to the thickness of the floor – a big advantage when renovating. And old tiles can simply be recoated with PUR-Loft – an easy way to give bathrooms and all the other tiled areas of the home a new character. 


With PUR-Loft, Livinghouse is able to create a continuous, unified look throughout the entire building. “But we can also deliberately differentiate between individual areas by using different PUR-Loft compositions,” stresses Freimuth. “It all depends on what the client has in mind; it’s what he wants that matters.”