A˘system init by Alape: Washplaces as an Expression of Personality


People are unique - just like their values and principles which are mirrored in their various characters and lifestyles. The individual design of living spaces follows these styles and is an expression of the personality. It is therefore vital that the washplace, being an intimate central point of the daily cleaning rituals, should represent the lifestyle. With the new furniture system A˘system init, Alape is offering a wide selection of solutions for the design of washplaces that emphasise the specific character of their owner. Later this year, there will be a new online configurator available to aid the planning of the individual washplace.  


High and quality: Luxury apartments in Warsaw feature Kaldewei baths and enamelled shower surfaces


With its 160 metres and 44 floors the Cosmopolitan Tower in Warsaw’s city centre is a building project best described in superlatives. When completed in early 2014 it will be the second highest residential building in Warsaw and the third highest in Poland. The bathrooms of the then offered 252 luxury apartments will be fitted by bath tubs and shower surfaces from Kaldewei. 


Optimal lighting in the bathroom


A trip to the bathroom is part of our everyday morning and evening rituals, for it is where we wash, shave, put on make-up and do our hair – all of which is designed to ensure we feel comfortable in our own skin. For this, aright lighting is an essential element. 


Joyce by Villeroy & Boch: the bathroom with apps


Individualisation remains one of the strongest trends of the present day. More and more people are taking advantage of the many opportunities to express their individuality, also in their home interiors. Villeroy & Boch has seized upon this trend and playfully interpreted it to create a new complete series for the bathroom.  


Duravit: Happy D.2 introduces elegance into the bathroom


Reduced, architectural design is becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom. And this is not surprising, since it is both timeless and modern. However, with the Happy D.2 complete bathroom series by Sieger Design, Duravit is about to show that this and soft lines are not mutually exclusive.  


Flatile by AGROB BUCHTAL: 5mm thin tiles for low-dust and low-dirt renovation


At the tile thickness, a distinction has to be made between normal (8 to 11 mm), extra thick (12 mm and more for industrial and commercial areas) and thin tiles (8 mm and less). The latter has been a frequently discussed subject at special interest magazines and trade fairs again and again in the last years. 


Hotel “J”: an oasis of calm just outside the gates of Stockholm – equipped with Duravit


Hotel “J” is situated on Nacka beach and enjoys an enchanting view of Stockholm’s harbour inlet, where ships bob up and down on the water. The boutique hotel with its boathouse charm lies just ten minutes away from the colourful and lively activity of the Swedish capital.  


Allure F-digital by Grohe: the digital water experience


With its digital products, Grohe is one of the pioneering forces in digital sanitaryware technology and has been continuously expanding this segment since Ondus was launched in 2008. As well as fittings for every kind of bathroom tap, the range also includes digital showers and kitchen fittings. Now Allure F-digital is set to become the new star of the technological bathroom.  


Memento by Villeroy & Boch: The art of reductionism


Timeless style and a minimalistic design language: That’s how Villeroy & Boch distinguishes their product range Memento. Freed from all superfluous design details, Memento is about to bring strong pure lines to the bathroom. 


Comfortable and safe shower experience with Keuco


The trend in bathrooms is towards generously sized showers and with shower trays that are flush with the floor. Besides an enjoyable shower experience, comfort and safety are of prime importance. With the fittings and accessories of the Plan and Elegance series, Keuco offers functional and aesthetic solutions that should help to make the everyday shower a special moment of well-being.