03_ Bathroom Bubble: Nature

What should it be like, this place where we can be alone with ourselves, where our voice echoes back to us – but where we can still get enough air to breathe and aren't shut off from nature? 

Bathroom Bubble – A little piece of nature

One reason why nature is such an attractive theme for the retreat embodied by the Bathroom Bubble is of course that our modern lifestyle has become so far removed from it. Unspoiled nature is the counterpoint to our reality, which is dominated by an urban feel and the ubiquitous presence of other people, noise and architecture. In the Bathroom Bubble we seek solitude, tranquillity and often also natural, authentic-looking surroundings.  

What the latter look like, however, can vary greatly from one person to another – some people associate such surroundings with organic forms, others with a minimalistic design so simple it is almost inconspicuous. Whilst some of us see nature in a nostalgic brass fitting or a simple pipe projecting out of the wall, others sense its presence in the reflection of light and leaves in polished chrome surfaces. On the other hand, some motifs are common to all these interpretations: the presence of daylight, a window with a view and materials with a natural feel: ceramic, stone, wood, natural textiles, sometimes even metal. When asked about their personal dream bathroom, a striking number of people mention access to a balcony or garden: in an ideal world, we would start the morning by stepping out through double glass doors into a secluded garden and feeling the dewy grass beneath our bare feet. And who wouldn't like to have a good stretch and enjoy the fresh morning air on the pebbly bank of an idyllic river? 

A little closer to nature.

Those not in a position to fulfil this dream can nevertheless design a bathroom that makes its user feel a little closer to nature by considering a few important factors. Besides natural materials and colours for the interior, the minimum requirements also include architectural prerequisites such as a window – preferably east-facing. There's something inherently good and right about starting the day off in the light of the morning sun. A balcony or planted atrium is even better. And if there's access to a garden, why not put the bathroom on the ground floor for a change?  

03_ Bathroom Bubble: Nature

The Bathroom Bubble is governed by different laws; when you let your mind wander here, the walls of the bathroom become permeable, allowing you to picture idyllic surroundings, wide open spaces or snug security. 


The understated and straightforward design of the Edition 11 furniture is characterised by a hand- leless look. A convenient push-to-open mechanism provides access to the sliding shelves. 

Wireless control at the push of a button: the digital one-touch system brings a new level of convenience to the washbasin. 

A view of nature: the simple, freestanding oval tub by the name of "Loop & Friends" promises a relaxing, enjoyable soak. 

All the washbasin fittings in the series Edition 11 are equipped with water-saving aerators.