Living Bathroom

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a lifestyle space

Smart Bathroom

Innovative Technik optimiert die Nutzungsabläufe im Badezimmer

Green Bathroom

Resource conservation with a sense of being close to nature

ISH digital 2021 3D Space

The interactive 360-degree tour


Colour Bathroom

Colours transform the bathroom into a lifestyle space

Digital Bathroom

The digital bathroom supports the user in everyday life

Comfortable Bathroom

The comfort bathroom

Nature Bathroom

The bathroom dream in green

Healthy Bathroom

The care of body and mind in the Healthy Bathroom

Private Spa

The cosy bathroom


Trendshow Individualization

“What is typically individual?” and “What types of individual bathrooms are there?”

Fashion Bathroom

The bathroom is becoming more fashionable and colourful

Comfortable Bathroom

A lifetime of wellbeing with individual solutions

Healthy Bathroom

Gym and wellness centre in one

Sophisticated Bathroom

Furnished like home

Digital Bathroom

Technology under its skin

Nature Bathroom

A bathroom dream in green

Condensed Bathroom

Compact but complete

Innovative Bathroom

Ready for a smart revolution



Adventure: children need the bathroom as a space for experiences


A place for individualists to dream and relax


Families need space for improvisation

Best Ager

A bathroom designed for ease – at any age


Busy Bathroom

Up close and personal

Urban Bubble

Room to retreat

Nature Bubble

A little piece of nature

Bathroom (R)Evolution

On the way to an intelligent feel-good machine


Bathroom Interior

Away from the wall!

Easy Bathroom

As simple as it gets!

Green Bathroom

Zurück zur Natur


Soft Bathroom

What's wrong with round?

Fashion Bathroom

A new outfit for the bathroom

Easy Bathroom

Bathing made easy

Green Bathroom

Green Dream


The highly developed vocabulary of sanitaryware design

Private Spa

A Perfect World

Water Love

The Joy of Standing in the Rain


My bathroom is my castle


38.0°C at the push of a button

Interior Concept

The Bathing Zone