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stanke interiordesign


Nadia Stanke                        

Josef-Ruhr-Str. 30

53879 Euskirchen


Stanke Interiordesign is a well-established firm consisting of creative and experienced interior designers and designers. It covers all the classic areas of interior design with a focus on the development of consistent living concepts in the high-end single-family home sector. The designs are always unique and result from a process of close dialogue with the clients, ensuring that their wants and needs always remain uppermost. This gives rise to holistic design concepts that are strictly adhered to – from the first sketch to the detailed design all the way to implementation.

Stanke Interiordesign conceptualises, plans and realises aesthetic interior spaces. From the overall concept to the detailed solution, the focus is always on design, function and feasibility – all while keeping a careful eye on the costs. The team of interior designers and designers covers a wide-ranging field of activity. Stanke Interiordesign takes on projects in the private residential sector, shop and retail design, and trade show construction. Nadia Stanke and her team are with their clients every step of the way, from the concept to the detailed design all the way to supervision and coordination at the construction site. For many years now, the development of new office environments and workplace concepts has been a major area of focus for Stanke Interiordesign and the firm has received various accolades and awards for its work in this area. Its projects have also been published in a number of trade journals and books.


The floral patterns are a recurring element of the overall office concept. In the two toilets, the different-coloured, large-format flower prints are the highlight of the interior design and are supplemented with black and gold accents.

The newly created bathroom is impressive for the homogeneity of the large-format tiles and the subtly deployed indirect lighting, which stages the upmarket bathroom furnishings and sanitaryware to perfection.

A single-family house dating from 1964 was completely renovated - including the bathroom. A wellness oasis has been created out of what was originally two rooms.

The bathroom exudes a contemporary, comfortable feel thanks to a clever mix of historic building fabric and modern sanitaryware.