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RJ Arkitektur. Architecture - Interior Design

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RJ Arkitektur
Rasmus Jørgensen von RJ Arkitektur

RJ Arkitektur. Architecture - Interior Design

Rasmus Jørgensen

Kuttervej 15

9990 Skagen


Being able to set the lighting and water temperature, by simply asking the “room“ to do it, will become more available and required.

Rasmus Jørgensen about smartness in the bathroom

RJ Arkitektur has worked with a wide range of architectural genres and styles from its base in Skagen, Denmark, since 2016.

Based on the philosophy that good architecture must be accessible to every layer of society, owner Rasmus Jørgensen offers everything from upgrading of classic buildings worthy of preservation, to ultramodern, high-tech homes.

Today, modern bathroom planning must create a sense of wellness and relaxation.

Rasmus Jørgensen about modern bathroom planning

This takes place in collaboration with competitive contractors in which RJ Arkitektur has full confidence. RJ Arkitektur has a close-knit network of selected specialists and a wide-ranging portfolio of clients and projects that cover everything from small private annexes to hotel properties and institutions.

Through honest and creative consultancy, they bring appreciation to the scope of the project, thus resulting in rewarding architecture for the benefit of the user. At RJ Arkitektur, the psychology and experience of the building and of the individual rooms are the primary instruments, whilst great respect for surrounding environment is maintained at all times.

Light helps to bring focus to certain areas.

Rasmus Jørgensen about lighting in the bathroom


Why RJ Arkitektur

Good supervision helps to ensure that the developed idea is implemented according to the expectations of the building owners.


Projects include general housing, single-family homes, schools and institutions, hotels and summer houses.

Single-family house Skagen

From 70s villa to modern luxury - remodeling of a 70s house

Hotel bathroom

Totally renovated and rebuilt hotel bathroom in Skagen

Rasmus Jørgensen von RJ Arkitektur

An interview with Rasmus Jørgensen

A conversation about well-being in the bathroom, the importance of light and technological advances.