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Innovative solutions for bathrooms and salesrooms

Hofmann + Wadsack Innenarchitektur

ho.w - Hofmann + Wadsack Innenarchitektur

Anne Hofmann and Christian Wadsack    

Memeler Straße 11

32547 Bad Oeynhausen


ho.w on the ISH in Frankfurt

With more than 25 years of experience in the HVAC and bathroom sector, interior architects Anne Hofmann and Christian Wadsack are specialists when it comes to current bathroom trends, creative solutions for interior spaces and convincing showroom concepts.


The two of them laid the foundations for their first projects back in their student days and in the joint thesis they submitted for their diploma, which they passed with distinction. Designing and planning spaces for professional and home settings has been their passion ever since. Thanks to a long-standing and varied clientele from the HVAC and bathroom sectors and the experience gained from running their own bathroom studio, they have established themselves not just as experts for private bathrooms but as competent professionals for all kinds of sales and showroom spaces connected with bathrooms and heating.

Hofmann + Wadsack on the importance of holistic bathroom planning.

Because their creative presentation spaces are tailored to the specific expertise of the individual firm, they serve as a three-dimensional advertisement for the company involved. Their designs for showrooms and business premises always focus on the joint priorities of customer guidance and internal project handling. Due consideration of the office and project processing spaces required ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes of the showroom. In addition, the inclusion of attractive staff areas promotes a good working atmosphere.


Besides passing on his knowledge of how to design successful spaces to the next generation of interior architects at a university of applied sciences for many years, Christian Wadsack has also shared his expertise with interested attendees at hundreds of seminars on behalf of prestigious manufacturers.

ho.w on light in the bathroom


Bathroom planning

Renovation fulfils long-cherished wish: a wellness bathroom with sauna to feel good in! The bedroom proved to be the ideal place for the project.

Bathroom exhibition trade

In addition to realisable and unusual bathrooms, there is a lot to discover in this showroom: funy information about bathrooms, chill-out lounges and consultation rooms specially equipped for 3D visualisation.

Bathroom exhibition handicraft

An interactive showroom with samples, shower fountain and light bath encourages visitors to browse, try out and put together collages.

HVAC building

From the representative customer area with showroom and consultation to pleasant workplaces and functional as well as chilly, spacious lounge areas for the employees, everything is intertwined here.

Christian Wadsack von Hofmann + Wadsack

An interview with Christian Wadsack

A conversation about design signatures in bathroom planning, quality of stay and what should definitely not be missing in the bathroom.