Innovations for the shower

Glassdouche GmbH

Mobilstraße 2

79423 Heitersheim

Glassdouche is the epitome of the beautiful development of the bathroom from the former "wet room" to the modern wellness and feel-good room. It's a family-run business from Heitersheim in southern Baden which for almost 40 years has been developing, producing and selling frameless shower enclosures and shower cabins of outstanding technology, quality and aesthetics for contemporary bathrooms in sophisticated single and multi-family homes, residential complexes, hotels and clinics.


Shower enclosures from Glassdouche are characterised by the combination of high-quality materials (above all single-pane safety glass, solid brass fittings), smart functionality (including door locking, raise/lower mechanism, installation options), the best workmanship and timelessly beautiful, award-winning design. Shower enclosures from glassdouche are found exclusively in the professional exhibitions of the sanitary wholesale trade, are exclusively available from the specialist trade and are individually manufactured to size.


With a sure sense for interior-design, bathroom and wellness, glassdouche regularly surprises with trend-setting ideas and innovations. The latest examples are the integration of the illuminated rear panel into the shower cubicle (as a light and design factor for the entire bathroom); the lasering of design motifs onto the glass surface (as a more resistant, easier to clean and less dirt-prone alternative to sandblasting, screen and photo printing); and the Josephine range of hinged and folding door fittings with their versatile assembly solutions for complex interior design conditions.