Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Iserlohn

Keuco as part of a nature-oriented hotel concept

Hotelbad im Vier Jahreszeiten in Iserlohn mit Produkten von Keuco

Indirect lighting, large-format tiles and plenty of storage space give the fittings and accessories in the bathrooms of the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Iserlohn plenty of room to work.

The Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is idyllically situated on the edge of the Sauerland based city Iserlohn in Germany. Located close to the forest, the hotel offers business and private travellers a peaceful quiet in the midst of nature. The architecture and interior design of the hotel, created by JOI-Design, Hamburg, reflect the natural surroundings. This is especially evident in the interior of the hotel, also in the bathrooms where the architects have opted for products from the neighbouring sanitaryware company Keuco.

The consistent concept applied throughout the whole hotel. Plenty of wood and warm tones lend the rooms a cosy atmosphere while large windows offer a view of the surrounding countryside. The careful, loving design can be felt in every turn. The mellow character continues in the contemporary bathrooms. Indirect lighting, large tiles and plenty of counter space provide the perfect backdrop for the Keuco fittings and accessories to exhibit their features. 

Shower comfort at different levels

Hotelbad einer Suite im Vier Jahreszeiten in Iserlohn mit Produkten von Keuco

The shower light in the bathrooms of the suites combines light and water and turns showering into an experience for the senses.

The washbasin with Ixmo wall-mounted mixer tap is easy to clean with just one element on the wall, which saves hotel staff time when cleaning the room. Ixmo fittings are also used for the shower and bath. Reduction is the operative word here – both in design and functionality. These little elements combine functions so effectively that only few elements are necessary on the wall. A very practical feature, especially in hotels. Depending on the room category, the fittings include either a large head shower or the Keuco luminaire with integrated shower head. The luminaire with integrated shower head combines light and water, turning the shower into an experience for the senses. In the suite with sauna, the waterfall shower and Spa hose from Keuco can be operated with the Ixmo fittings.


The WC is located in a separate room, where the guest is greeted with an overhead treetop view. Keuco accessories ensure toilet paper and brush are ready to hand. The toilet paper holder with integrated shelf provides space for the contents of the guest's pockets.

Without barriers, but with comfort

Barrierefreies Hotelbad im Vier Jahreszeiten in Iserlohn mit Produkten von Keuco

The barrier-free bathrooms at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Iserlohn are barely recognisable as such.

In the accessible bathrooms – which hardly differ from other bathrooms in terms of design – guests profit from the Plan Care rail system in the shower, offering a sense of security and supportive comfort. At the washbasin, the iLook_move can also be used while sitting, thanks to its flexible hinge. The Ixmo sensor fitting is activated contactlessly. With the vanity unit open, guests can sit comfortably in front of the washbasin or run a wheelchair under it.