Unified bathroom design with new accessories from Dornbracht

Accessoire-Serie von Dornbracht

A holistically designed bathroom is not just aesthetically pleasing, it also creates emotional retreats for a break from everyday life. Coordinated accessories also play a decisive role in creating a balanced space concept. The diverse selection that Dornbracht offers perfectly complements the manufacturer’s fittings series and shower applications.

Intended touches of colour found throughout the bathroom, or selected materials and finishes that complement each other seamlessly: The consistent use of coordinated design elements conveys a sense of wholeness and creates a harmonious balance. The uniform design language helps to create a welcoming and calming ambience. As is so often the case, the crucial difference lies in the details, such as when the same matte black finish is everywhere to be found – from the washstand fittings and the shower, to the soap holder, to the flush plate of the WC. A towel rail can also prove to be a clever reference to the striking design of the fittings.

Combinable in many ways: an angular range of accessories

Seifenablage von Dornbracht

Harmonious tones are exactly what the accessories from Dornbracht are designed to create. A new, angular range will be added to the existing portfolio from July. The highlights of the series are a soap holder, a guest towel rail, and a tissue holder with shelf, all of which feature trapezoidal geometries and flowing contours. The accessories form a coherent unit with the IMO and Lulu design series, but they can also be combined with other Dornbracht fittings due to the uniform finishes. The products were created by the Berlin-based Designschneider studio, which has years of experience in furniture and bathroom applications.


Dornbracht also offers design-specific accessories for series such as Vaia and CYO, where the design language of the washstand fittings is reflected in the products created by Sieger Design. They make it possible to put together aesthetic ensembles in the bathroom – and a promise of harmony and balance in everyday life.