IMO von Dornbracht

IMO from Dornbracht in a refined design

IMO von Dornbracht in Dark Chrome

For the refinement, Dornbracht’s partner, Sieger Design, subtly changed the striking, hybrid design form of the IMO series.

    It stands for a universal design that feels at home in different interior styles: the IMO series from Dornbracht. After more than 13 years on the market, IMO has now been given a facelift - with a refined, lighter and more contemporary appearance.

    The name – short for In My Opinion – is intended to express that bathrooms should be designed according to personal wishes, no matter whether in a guest, family or premium bathroom. The refinement by Sieger Design has now given the tap a more delicate look. " But in making the refinements, we have retained the proportions and traits that distinguish IMO: These include, for instance, the striking shape of the spout, and the combination of two basic geometric forms, the circle and the rectangle,” explains owner Michael Sieger.

    Less water consumption and new product types

    IMO von Dornbracht in neuer filigraner Ausführung

    IMO now has a lighter and therefore contemporary appearance: It is slenderer, appearing more delicate, and even more intricate.

    The water consumption of the basin fittings was also optimised as part of the refinement. The reduced flow rate achieved a saving of approximately 35%, with the spray pattern barely changed.


    Lastly, Dornbracht added numerous new product types and finishes to the series, so that IMO can adapt even better to individual ideas and requirements: Just one of the many innovations is the two-hole mixer, where the handle can be positioned anywhere on the washstand. With Matte Black, Dark Chrome and Brushed Dark Platinum, there is also a far wider choice of dark finishes available.

    Hybrid forms and fluid transitions with AI support

    Das Morphing-Video zu IMO von Dornbracht, erstellt mit KI

    A morphing video, produced with the aid of artificial intelligence, shows the universal character of IMO in a playful way. The depicted interior designs merge, to produce innumerable architectures.

    Gästebad „Powder Room“ in Rosa mit IMO von Dornbracht

    Four new bathroom architectures are the starting point for the moving images. Here: the small guest bathroom, the “Powder Room”. IMO in Matte Black creates a particularly expressive contrast against the pastel-pink background.

    „Apartment Bathroom“ in Brauntönrn mit IMO von Dornbracht

    In the “apartment bathroom”, balanced browns are combined with wood provide naturalness and homeliness. The bathroom architecture is designed for urban living environments, conveying a visual sense of openness and spaciousness, even in a small area.

    „Family Bathroom" in Pastellgelb mit IMO von Dornbracht

    Vanilla and fresh pastel yellow bring optimism and lightness to the “family bathroom”. IMO in Chrome sets a soft tone, and remains refreshingly calm. The steps up to the bath are a special, architectural gesture: They are a convenient way for everyone in the family to access the bath.

    „Premium Bathroom“ in Salbeigrün mit IMO von Dornbracht

    The soft sage green gives colour to the “premium bathroom”, and is combined with light shades of wood and classic white elements to represent functional elegance. The stylish overall appearance that emerges in combination with IMO in Brushed Dark Platinum extends from the fitting, to the shower, to the bath.

    The new IMO will be available from April 2024. With the aid of artificial intelligence, a video piece has been created to emphasise the universal character of the tap.


    The moving images translate the versatility of IMO in an eye-catching and playful way: Providing the starting point were four, newly-created bathroom architectures showing the fittings series in completely different settings – including a pink guest bathroom, an urban apartment bathroom, a family bathroom in fresh, pastel yellow, and the premium version in soft sage green. The shapes morph into one another, allowing the bathrooms to transition smoothly between each other. The forms, colours, and structures of the interior designs merge continually, and are seen caught in dynamic motion. Dornbracht uses this to provide valuable impetus for designing home bathrooms.