Das Piperi House von oben

Cubist construction with a breathtaking view

Von der Badewanne des Piperi House genießt man einen fabelhaften Ausblick auf das Meer

From the bathtub of Piperi House you can enjoy a fabulous view of the sea and the Cyclades archipelago.

The Danish architect Sigurd Larsen, who lives in Berlin, has fulfilled his dream of living by the water with Piperi House. Not in Berlin, though, but in Greece. Because Piperi House is located on the slope of a small peninsula stretching from the Greek island of Kythnos into the Aegean Sea. The house itself is inspired by the Cycladic villages, characterized by white cube houses and white steps.

Piperi House, for example, consists of a group of four white cubes embedded in the slope at different heights, and as a crystalline sculpture that seems to be carved from a single piece of white stone, contrasts the island's arid landscape of burnt browns and greens. For the interior of his house, Larsen chose mostly furniture that he has designed himself. For the furnishing of the bathroom, the architect opted for sanitary products from the company Laufen.

Designer meets graphic artist

Architektonische Gestaltung wie eine Zeichnung von M.C. Escher mit vielen Treppen

Like a drawing by M.C. Escher: the architectural design allows you to climb above, below and through the house in one.

Via an endless cycle of stairs inspired by the drawings of M. C. Escher, Piperi House allows you to climb over, under and through the house in one. Inside and outside, the white stairs offer a playful circular movement through all the levels of the house, offering several panoramic views of the neighbouring islands, especially the rocky island of Piperi. In order not to distort this view, the interior is kept minimalist, and the furniture in Piperi House even functions as a picture frame. From all three beds in the bedrooms, the dining table and the sofa in the living room of the house, the view of the small uninhabited island of Piperi is perfectly framed.

But not only in the living rooms, also in the bathroom, the freestanding Sonar bathtub ensures that you have the perfectly framed view of the Cyclades archipelago and the ever-changing colour of the sea and the sky. In addition, Larsen has reservedly and elegantly equipped the bathroom of the house with further products from Laufen, such as Sonar washbasin trays with base cabinet, a Kartell Laufen washbasin mixer and a bathroom and shower mixer.

200 degree open view of the sea

Blick aus dem Schlafzimmer des Piperi House auf das offene Meer

All bedrooms offer a 200 degree open view of the sea.

Larsen also placed particular emphasis on the orientation of the rooms in Piperi House: All bedrooms have the same orientation towards the sea and thus also the same advantageous view. Finally, the architect has also designed his summer residence as a rentable holiday home, in which all guests can enjoy the same view from their bedroom: a 200 degree open view of the sea.

In turn, the different outdoor spaces, which are formed by the white cubes and which open up in different directions, offer protection from the coastal wind. During the day, from sunrise in the main house on the east rock until sunset in the beach kitchen on the southwest side you can walk around and being undisturbed. Also, the path to the water and the happiness of swimming is close, since two stairs connect Piperi House with the Aegean sea. One leads to a path to the rocks and cliffs in the east, and the other to a path to a small sandy beach on the southwest side.