Konsolenunterschrank der Kollektion Vitrium von Duravit

Vitrium: A bathroom for living

Vitrium von Duravit

Play of geometries: The linear console base cabinet can be combined with a round top shell.

Christian Werner has been designing bathroom furniture for Duravit for many years. After six projects he has now designed his very first washbasins – which interact with console vanity units and washbasin vanity units. The range juxtaposes materials with interesting visual and tactile qualities…

While the washbasins manufactured using the mineral cast process are made from DuroCast UltraResist, the console vanity unit comes with a fine metal frame and a choice of fronts made from backlit glass, wood, or various décor finishes. The result is a natural-looking ensemble that radiates coziness. “The starting point for this design idea was a rigorous interrogation of the habits we take for granted. With Vitrium I sought to redefine the design of the bathroom and the associated routines. As well as the kitchen and living room, for me the bathroom, too, is a place of comfort and refuge,” said Christian Werner, explaining the idea behind his bathroom range. Vitrium uses subtle colors and tactile surfaces to create a feel-good atmosphere.

The round is on the square

Überstehendes Aufsatzbecken der Kollektion Vitrium von Duravirt

The most striking design feature is the shallow depth of the furniture with the protruding countertop sink, which makes the design suitable for compact bathrooms.

Duravit’s Vitrium range is a minimalistic concept that brings together varying geometries: a straight-lined console vanity unit combined with a round above-counter basin or a rectangular c-bonded washbasin. The most striking design feature is the reduced furniture depth with the projecting above-counter basin, making the design suitable for compact bathrooms. “The basic design idea for the framed fronts and transparency of the furniture has been realized exactly as I imagined. Timelessly modern and unadorned – that’s the look I wanted for my Vitrium concept,” said Christian Werner.

The bathroom furniture made from PEFC-certified wood is enhanced by rectangular and round mirrors in the same design language and a mirrored cabinet that is also available as a built-in version – all with integrated LED illumination. “Vitrium epitomizes the sensual rituals that take place in the bathroom and sets the ambitious framework for sophisticated and contemporary bathroom cultures,” said the designer, describing his idea. “The objects are intended to help the bathroom become people’s favorite room.”

Furniture material diversity

The metal frame in White and Anthracite has a minimalistic and elegant impact on the geometric bathroom furniture. The furniture is available in two different variants. The backlit, translucent fronts are made from Parsol glass, which gives the furniture an airy, almost floating appearance – similar to a decorative showcase. They infuse the bathroom with warmth and are reminiscent of an open fire. “They provide a stage for special everyday items, cosmetics, or accessories, which they transform into something special,” said Christian Werner, explaining his idea of a homely bathroom. The other variant consists of fronts made from wood and single-color décor in a total of eight different hues, which showcase the collection’s versatility in terms of individualized design. A horizontal handle integrated into the metal frame rounds off the pared-down furniture with a pull-out compartment. An additional internal drawer offers subdivided storage areas for small utensils. Matching semi-tall and tall cabinets fitted with hinged doors and glass shelves round off the furniture range.

Washbasin with special feel

Waschbecken der Serie Vitrium von Duravit

With Vitrium, Duravit presents washbasins made of the mineral cast DuroCast UltraResist for the first time.

Vitrium is the first time that Duravit has presented washbasins manufactured using the mineral casting technique. The matt surface of the DuroCast UltraResist material – developed and manufactured in the Duravit factory in Bischwiller (France) – looks extremely elegant and enables a precise design language. What is more, the additionally applied lacquer layer also lends it qualities that are especially beneficial in the bathroom: the non-porous surface makes DuroCast UltraResist easy to clean and comparatively resistant to scratches and dirt. “The pleasant, velvety surface in particular creates an extraordinarily tactile experience,” said Christian Werner, describing how the material feels to the touch.

Two different, delicate washbasins are available to choose from: a round above-counter basin and a rectangular, seamlessly integrated c-bonded version with a refined outer edge. “The round above-counter basins on the straight-lined furniture create a calm yet also dissonant symbiosis,” said Christian Werner. The dissonance arises mainly because the round washbasin projects slightly beyond the edge of the furniture. Conversely, the rectangular Vitrium washbasin, available in five different sizes, blends seamlessly into the furniture.

In this interview, Christian Werner talks about the new Vitrium bathroom collection and provides insights into the design idea and inspiration.