Sustainable hand shower made from recycled material

Die Pulsify Planet Edi­tion steht für einen ganz­heit­li­chen Ansatz der Res­sour­cen­scho­nung auf allen Berei­che des Pro­dukt­le­bens­zy­klus‘.

The Pulsify Planet Edition stands for a holistic approach to product innovation and incorporates resource conservation into all areas of the product life cycle.

For many people, taking a shower in the morning is a daily ritual. At the same time, hot showers cause the most energy costs and CO2 emissions in private households. Our desire for wellness is therefore set against the need to conserve water and energy. With the Pulsify Planet Edition hand shower, Hansgrohe now wants to make a contribution in terms of sustainable product development. The edition is intended to stand for a holistic approach to product innovation and to include resource conservation in all areas of the product life cycle.

What impact does the production, use and disposal of your own hand-held shower have on the environment? How can the bathroom contribute to a more sustainable future? "The biggest lever to save CO2 and energy, results from the usage phase of the bathroom. Taking a hot shower for one minute consumes about as much energy as driving an electric car at full throttle on the highway for the same amount of time," describes Steffen Erath, Head of Sustainability, Hansgrohe SE. That's why only six liters of water per minute flow through the Pulsify Planet Edition, but with a high level of showering comfort.

Resource conservation beyond use

Die Hand­brause der Pulsify Planet Edition ist kom­plett chrom­frei gefer­tigt. Alle ein­ge­setz­ten Roh­stoffe sind recy­cle­bar.

The Pulsify Planet Edition hand shower is manufactured completely chrome-free. All raw materials used are recyclable.

However, the production and disposal of chrome-plated products are also a burden to the environment. "We want to achieve nothing but a good feeling with the hansgrohe shower experience. That's why we looked at all aspects of the product life cycle and managed to switch to a recyclate wherever water doesn't flow through in the Pulsify Planet Edition," says Bens Ezhuthanavayalil Head of Product Management Showerplace hansgrohe, adding, "We focus on cycles within our production in order to be able to recycle the products and materials used for as long as possible. This not only leads to a reduced use of resources, but also reduces transport routes within the manufacturing process."

True to the sustainability principle 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle', the handle of the hand-held shower is made of recycled plastic. The unique process for extracting this raw material was specially developed at Hansgrohe. This ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Syrene-Copolymer) coated plastic, obtained from end-of-life products and rejects, is shredded and cleaned. This is followed by conversion into a high-quality granulate. This alternative to petroleum- and fossil-based primary plastics achieves a significant reduction in energy consumption during production. The material itself offers a unique look and elegant appearance in sandy colors due to the pattern of the flakes bound in it. The hand-held shower is manufactured completely chrome-free. All raw materials used are recyclable.

In addition to the hand shower, the Planet Edition includes the Designflex shower hose. The yarns for the textile surface of the hose were obtained from recycled PET bottles. All products in the collection blend harmoniously into modern bathroom ambiences in terms of appearance and functionality.