Lichdurchflutetes Badezimmer der Triesch-Residenz, entworfen von Ray Kappe

Southern Californian modernism in Brandenburg

Waschbereich der Triesch-Residenz, entworfen von Ray Kappe

An exciting interplay of materials: the matt, platinum-coloured surface of the fitting by Dornbracht forms a striking synthesis with the grey natural stone and the warm redwood wood.

The houses of the US star architect Ray Kappe stand for modern aesthetics combined with organic closeness to nature. Kappe is already 89 years old when the Berlin businessman Lars Triesch (37) decides to ask him to build his house in 2017 - not in California, but in Kleinmachnow, Brandenburg, Germany. Two children's rooms and a studio are the specifications, otherwise Kappe would have a free hand. And this free hand opted for fittings by Dornbracht in the bathrooms.

Even though the architect himself did not live to see the completion of the "Triesch Residence" (he died in 2019), it was finished by the team around his sons Ron and Finn, the house has all the characteristics of a Ray Kappe work: clean, horizontal lines and proportions, augmented by open rooms suffused in light. An architecture shaped by redwood timber and glass that extends seamlessly into the interior design of the home, thus also into the three bathrooms, which prove to be interesting compositions of wood, glass and stone. In the parents’ bathroom on the first floor, polished Rauriser natural stone is used to tile the floors, as well as for the washstands. In this setting the two Meta series fittings which have been used are particularly impressive. Their clear-cut radii subtly accentuate the minimalist clarity of the interior design. The Platinum matt finishes add gently to the elegant grey tone of the natural stone, intensifying the warm ambience created by the redwood timber.

Spacious shower area with natural light

Duschbereich der Triesch-Residenz, entworfen von Ray Kappe

Light, water, freedom: the rain shower from Dornbracht and the natural incidence of light create a near-natural water experience.

Badewanne mit Kopfbrause in der Triesch-Residenz, entworfen von Ray Kappe

Above the bathtub is a wall-mounted overhead shower.

In the roomy shower area, into which natural light falls directly from above, a water experience is enabled that is fully in keeping with the underlying sense of freedom permeating the house. The shower and bath are separated by a room divider which is cvered in untreated tiles. Mounted on it, the Dornbracht rain shower there matches the washstand fitting. On the other side of the room divider there is another Dornbracht fitting on the rim of the bath. The geometric appearance of the curved spout is intended to contrast delightfully with the rough texture of the natural stone tiles.

The children’s bathroom follows a similar design. There a glass panel between ceiling and walls, that separates the bathroom from the children’s room next door, is a distinctive physical feature. Above the bathtub on the tiled wall is placed an overhead shower from Dornbracht. In the guest bathroom, one floor down, another meta faucet, also in the Platinum matt finish, was used as a single-lever basin mixer.

Sculptural faucet for an open kitchen

Küchenarmatur in der Triesch-Residenz, entworfen von Ray Kappe

In the kitchen the homeowner opted for the Sync fitting with extending spout. Its concise design is characterised by the tapered transition between body and spout and the inner contour of the groove-free lever. As in the bathrooms, the sculptural-looking faucet is in Platinum matt and with Its dynamic, front-facing design language is intended to blend harmoniously into a building fabric that is open on all sides.

“The purist beauty and sensuousness of the fittings speak for themselves. They have a compelling aesthetic appeal and are also excellent when it comes to functionality,” Lars Triesch says. “It was not for nothing that Ray Kappe himself was already relying on Dornbracht products in one of his last projects in Los Angeles. The incomparable quality meant that I did not have to think twice about following his lead.”