Programme: Friday, 17 March 2023


Last day and another full programme at the ISH lecture forum Pop up my Bathroom Atelier: once again we take a look at the planning of barrier-free bathrooms from different angles. In addition, the forum will deal with different types of rainwater utilisation and show how emotionality is expressed in bathroom design. A round-table discussion with representatives from the trade, crafts and industry will look at the future of the bathroom before Stefan Seitz (Director ISH) concludes the programme with a summary of ISH 2023 and an outlook for ISH 2025.

11:00-11:30 h: The 10 most important trends in the bathroom

Speaker: Frank A. Reinhardt (

With the daily lecture on the 10 most important trends in the bathroom, the Pop up my Bathroom Atelier starts its fifth edition. Which trends influence the function and appearance of the bathroom? Trend researcher and design journalist Frank A. Reinhardt describes the four current ISH trends - Emotional, Sustainable, Wellbeing and Tiny Bathroom - and identifies the developments that are relevant for the bathroom.

10:45-11:15 h: From 8 to eighty: planning and building barrier-free bathrooms

Speaker: Martin Schäpermeier (Kaldewei)

Accessible bathrooms are subject to special demands. They should be practical, facilitate the workflow of the care staff, and meet special ergonomic requirements for carers and those being cared for. Often the bathroom is used by several generations in one house. The feel-good effect often falls by the wayside compared to safety, handling or cleaning aspects. But: design and function do not have to be a contradiction. In his lecture, Martin Schäpermeier demonstrates his motto: care, safety and hygiene – all this can be beautiful.

11:30-12:00 h: Rainwater harvesting

Speaker: Carsten Stremmel (Wilo)

More information to follow.

12:15-13:00 h: Industry talk: Barrier-free accessibility in the bathroom

Talk guests: mit Martin Schäpermeier (Kaldewei), Markus Heberle (LongLeif GaPa) und Tanja Buß (Verlagsgesellschaft Rudolf Müller)

Host: Daniela Heinemann (ABB)

A barrier-free bathroom is the key to a self-determined life for as long as possible. The only problem is that only 1.5 percent of all homes in Germany are nearly barrier-free and the gap between demand and supply will widen considerably in the coming years due to demographic change. It is therefore high time to build more barrier-free bathrooms. The panel discussion aims to show that an accessible bathroom is profitable for users of all ages. Intelligently and foresightedly planned, equipped with multifunctional products and harmoniously designed, it can be a chic oasis of well-being at the same time. In addition to the planning approaches, the topics of subsidies and free advice and support services will also be the focus of the discussion.

13:15-13:45 h: Emotional bathroom design: an aesthetic oasis for the soul

Speaker: Torsten Müller (TM Designbad)

Atmosphere and experience in the modern bathroom, trends and innovations in luxurious bathroom furnishings, innovative technologies for emotional bathroom experiences: In his lecture, Torsten Müller will look at the bathroom as a place of pure harmony  and a source of relaxation and regeneration. The bathroom planner  will explain how design expertise and innovative technology can help turn the bathroom into an oasis that envelops all the senses. His outlook on the future of the bathroom will show that the concept of "emotional design" is becoming increasingly important and what  the bathroom as a place of relaxation and regeneration has to offer. 

14:00-14:45 h: The future of the bathroom: the Trades, Dealers and Industry 4.0

Talk guests: Jörg Pütz (Marketing to grow), Andreas Müller (ZVSHK) und Achim Laubenthal (DG Haustechnik)

Host: Jens J. Wischmann (VDS)

The final talk of the lecture programme at ISH 2023 deals with the changes that all sales levels will face in the future when it comes to bathrooms. A high demand for renovation, especially for bathrooms for the older generation, considerably higher prices for industry, trade and craftsmen, which place numerous restrictions on consumers' renovation intentions and, in addition, ecological requirements and the desire for comfort-oriented individual bathrooms.

15:00-15:15 h: Conclusion and Outlook, Welcome ISH 2025

ISH talk with Stefan Seitz (Messe Frankfurt) and Jens J. Wischmann (VDS)

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