Flur der Maisonette-Wohnung P155 von Peter Ippolito

Exceptional flat with a lot of personality

Badezimmer der Maisonette-Wohnung P155 von Peter Ippolito

Peter Ippolito and Stefan Gabel deliberately designed the bathroom of the apartment as a natural part of living.

It was a real coincidence that Peter Ippolito and his partner Stefan Gabel found the duplex apartment P155 in a house from the Gruenderzeit era on the outskirts of Stuttgart’s city centre. In the two-storey apartment, on 290 square meters, the two have created a home that offers them both space for security and space for conviviality.

At first glance, the apartment of the two creatives seems like a collection of personal souvenirs and furniture. The interior is characterized by a lively staging of unique finds from numerous journeys. Nevertheless, the harmonious overall effect of this collage reveals the characteristic creative handwriting of the architect Peter Ippolito, Managing Partner of Ippolito Fleitz Group and the textile designer Stefan Gabel, Creative Director of Zimmer+Rohde. The choice of taps from the Axor Urquiola collection for the bathroom also fits in with this. A conscious decision by the two creatives, who have always been enthusiastic about the design and personality of the collection.

The bathroom as a natural part of living

Badezimmer der Maisonette-Wohnung P155 von Peter Ippolito

In the centre of the bathroom is the washbasin with the eye-catching tap from the Axor Urquiola series. A large mirror, shower and bathtub are organised around it.

Peter Ippolito and Stefan Gabel deliberately designed the bathroom of the apartment as a natural part of living and designed it as a space that offers them a retreat from everyday life and serves as a counterpart to the accelerated digital world. So the couple furnished the main bathroom of the apartment with a vanity cabinet with a large mirror placed in the middle of the room, around which the shower and bathtub are organized. The floor, which is laid with black wood, is replaced in the shower area by tiles in light shell lime, which stretch there under the ceiling. Combined with the light wood furniture and the high walls painted in salmon colours, they give the room a warm atmosphere. From the bathtub under the window you can enjoy a magnificent view to the outside.

The mixers of the Axor Urquiola collection make a visual contribution to this bathroom characterized by the personalities of its users. The single lever wash basin tap with the asymmetrically arranged lateral handle and expressive details is an artful fusion of styles and eras and their characteristic shapes. Together with the eye-catching floor-standing tub thermostat, the extravagant taps look like collector’s items that fit perfectly into the collection of Ippolito and Gabel, while fulfilling their function of dispensing water and thus ensuring well-being casually.

“In a concept where we talk about personality and distinctiveness, we naturally looked for a tap that would deliver both. An object that fits into the design concept on the one hand, and on the other hand also makes a ‘self-confident’ contribution within this collection of personalities. And that's why we were very happy to choose Axor Urquiola, which we've always liked and fits in very well here,” Peter Ippolito recalls.

Confrontation, friction, and adoption

Wohnzimmer der Maisonette-Wohnung P155 von Peter Ippolito

The interior is characterized by a lively staging of unique finds from numerous journeys.

In detail, the dream apartment of the creative couple still contained one or two architectural challenges, ranging from the special floor plan – the building part runs sharply like a piece of cake – to the fact that both the façade and the original interior furnishings such as floors, doors or room layout are protected as historic monuments. The typical layout of the apartment with a central hallway and rooms arranged around it was also a challenge. It consisted in altering the house in such a way as to increase its generosity and spaciousness, but without losing its identity. Thus, the black herringbone parquet became the connecting element of the individually designed rooms, between which additional connections were created by asymmetrical wall openings.

Through the continuous play with light and contrasts, the apartment has been given a uniform aesthetic, which has turned it into a total work of art and invites you to discover and experience it again and again. Finally, the two owners describe the productive and exciting design process of their duplex P155 as a confrontation with the existing, which included, for example, the installations of the previous owners, as well as an exercise in reducing the "friction" against the apartment’s unalterable features. Taking these steps allowed the couple to create a unique residence and ultimately a more personal notion of living.