Hadi Teherani meets Axor

Badkonzept für das Axor-Projekt Distinctive von Hadi Teherani

The domed structure of Hadi Teherani's design for Axor wants to symbolise the two apparently contradictory things: Vastness and security.

Born in Teheran and raised in Hamburg architect Hadi Teherani designs from personal perception and inspiration. Also, this is how the bathroom concept for the Axor project Distictive was born. His concept which is inspired by the public baths in the Middle East features the form of a cupola placed in the center of a house or a hotel suite. The circular room in which four window openings and round arches facing each other are organized symmetrically, is openly laid out and accessible from several sides. For the products Teherani opted for the Citterio E faucets, Axor overhead and hand-held showers, as well as Axor Universal Softsquare Accessories in Matt Black.

For the architect Teherani the bathroom is a space where one can retreat, throw off the stress, and come out reborn. “I see the bathroom as a space where I can clean myself — in a metaphorical sense as well. Here is where I arm myself for the day. This space protects me, offers me security, but at the same time, it doesn’t restrict me but rather gives me a feeling of space and infinity”, he explains. The domed structure of his design wants to symbolize exactly these two apparently opposite things: vastness and security. For Teherani the cupola symbolizes openness and secureness. The vastness comes from the high arched ceiling with a glass mosaic that stretches across the room like the sky – a   dazzling, silver glass mirror mosaic that extends from the floor to the cupola and provides the room visual and haptic consistency without sacrificing sensuality and warmth. This effect is amplified by light marble surfaces in the shower area, whereas the Citterio E faucets, overhead and hand-held showers, as well as the Universal Softsquare Accessories in Matt Black from Axor form a striking contrast. “For me, these products fulfill the role of a functional jewelry”, Teherani explains. “The faucets crown the bathroom concept with their timeless elegance and transport the water to the washbasin. The overhead shower is a recharging area for new energy, the bathtub faucet the water source at the bathtub.”

The bathtub forms the centre

Badkonzept für das Axor-Projekt Distinctive von Hadi Teherani

The organically shaped tub stands in the centre and picks up the layout of the round design.

In the center of his round design, the versatile designer places an organically formed bathtub that takes up the layout and around which a spacious shower area and a generous, oval double washbasin are arranged. „When you lay here in the bathtub placed in the center of the room you get the feeling of looking into the vastness of the starry sky”, the architect says. The semicircular openings lend additional generosity to the bathroom concept —and make the space a place for possible encounters. Despite its generosity, this bathroom though is meant to be a place of retreat. So Teherani asks, “Where is it better to dive in as in an enveloping shape without corners and edges?

When asked how products as straightforward as a towel rail can be included into a bathroom concept with round walls and without right angles, the architect has a simple answer: “Here and there you have to work with little cuts into the walls and you have to plan the positioning accurately. The good thing about Axor is that the brand offers so many individual product variants so that it’s always possible to find a solution.” In material, layout and furnishing, Teherani’s bathroom concept is an expression of individual experiences and personal preferences, holistic thinking and detailed planning — all seamlessly combining modernity and history. “The passages offer the possibility to add more cupolas with a steam bath or an extra shower area and thereby extend the bathroom”, the architect explains. “This concept is, so to speak, the basis with primary areas needed in a bathroom: washbasin, shower, bathtub. The design allows one to complete the bathroom according to personal ideas. Or to equip it with faucets and showers in special finishes. This type of individualization is a further form of luxury.”

Supported by individualism

Hadi Teherani’s bath­room con­cept is an expres­sion of indi­vid­ual expe­ri­ences and per­sonal pref­er­ences.

With the Distinctive project, Axor wants to rethink individual luxury. The company sees individualization as one of the most important megatrends today. With globalization advancing, creating a sense of sameness through standardized products and one-size-fits-all solutions, people everywhere, according to Axor, seek more personal expressions of luxury, style and well-being. A widespread and rising sense of uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity has only accelerated the trend, especially in the home, creating a demand for spaces and objects that reflect one’s own personality. “How can architects and interior designers better understand their clients’ personal evolving desires, developing distinctive and sustainable long-term solutions that give meaning and satisfaction for years to come? And how can their clients get to spaces designed for their very individual needs? These and other questions are explored in our new project Distinctive", Anke Sohn, Head of Global Brand Marketing Axor, explains the thought that lies behind the project.