Die Duschfliese Betteair von Bette

BetteAir: From shower area to shower tile

Die Duschfliese Betteair von Bette in farbigem Look

Shower tile: BetteAir integrates into the bathroom floor as smoothly and perfectly as a tile. 

With BetteAir, the German bathroom manufacturer Bette has introduced the world's first shower tile made of glazed titanium steel. According to the manufacturer, it integrates so perfectly into the floor that it practically becomes part of the bathroom floor itself. For installation, the shower tile can simply be glued directly onto the screed like a conventional tile.

It is because of these features - the ease of installation and integration into the bathroom floor - that Bette has chosen to call it a floor tile. Made of durable and easy to clean, glazed titanium-steel, Bette has reduced the height of the BetteAir shower tile to an unbelievable ten millimetres, which rough-ly corresponds to the thickness of a large-format tile. The precise corners also fit perfectly into the tile grid, with their radius of only eight millimetres.  Designer Dominik Tesseraux (Tesseraux & Partner, Potsdam, Germany) sums up the development: "BetteAir has all the advantages of a tile without its disad-vantages. With the shower tile, the floor of the shower is immaculately beautiful, free of joints and thus absolutely hygienic and easy to clean."

Flat, flatter - shower tile

Die Duschfliese Betteair von Bette

A perfect fit: the corner radii of BetteAir are extremely precise at 8 millimetres, so that they fit perfectly to the tile grid.

In the 1970s, shower trays were still up to 30 centimetres high. Over the decades, they gradually became flatter, but it wasn't until 2006 that Bette succeeded in creating the first shower surface (BetteFloor) made of glazed titanium steel that enabled seamless, floor-level showering. Now BetteAir goes a step further: The minimum installation height of BetteAir is just 99 millimetres. It is hardly possible to create a shower area that is flatter, at least if the water is still to run off cleanly.


To achieve this, Bette has also rethought the waste, and enlarged it to 200 milli-metres. All that is visible is a circular, three-millimetre gap in the middle of the surface, through which the water drains. The drainage capacity of 0.6 l/s is more than sufficient, even for opulent rain showers. The glazed waste cover is absolutely flat, so that no difference between it and the surrounding surface can be felt or seen. The waste cover can also be easily removed for cleaning, although there is not much to clean, as the waste is designed to be self-cleaning and, according to Bette, to prevent hair from getting caught in it or in the pipe-work.

Easy installationHeadline

Die Duschfliese Betteair von Bette

Easy installation: BetteAir can simply be glued to the screed like a conventional tile. This saves time and money.

The floor-level installation of the shower tile is considered particularly simple. It can simply be glued to the screed like a conventional tile. To achieve this, Bette has further developed its proven solution of the Minimum Support and Installation Box, so that it can be used for the floor-level installation of BetteAir. The BetteAir is supplied largely pre-assembled and ready for installation. For bathroom fitters and tilers, this ‘plug-and-play’ solution means significantly less effort in installing the shower and reduced coordination between the trades - and so time and cost savings. Those who require even more flexibility during installation can install BetteAir using Installation System Universal from Bette.

Colour integration and quiet showering

Die Duschfliese Betteair von Bette zeigt Farbe

Colourful: The BetteAir shower tile blends seamlessly into all bathroom ambiences and is available in a wide range of colours.

To ensure that BetteAir blends seamlessly into all surroundings or stands out from them in contrast, the shower tile is available in a choice of 31 colours, including popular sanitaryware colours, exclusive matt colours and a special effect colour. On request, BetteAir can also be equipped with an anti-slip surface. The shower tile is available in eight sizes from 900 x 900 to 1400 x 1000 millimetres.

BetteAir is also supplied as standard with basic sound insulation for quiet shower-ing. If it is professionally installed using the minimum support and installation box, the sound level is only 19 dB(A), which more than meets the increased re-quirements of sound insulation level 3 of VDI 4100 and is certified by DEKRA. This reduces the sound to a whispering level, which makes it ideal for use in flats or other buildings were sound minimisation is required.