BetteStarlet Silhouette Ebony

Bette bathtubs in matt black

BetteStarlet Silhouette Ebony

The matt black surface is intended to additionally support this concise effect of the BetteStarlet.

In fashion, photography and architecture, monochrome black is used as a stylistic device, because it makes silhouettes and structures stand out more clearly. This also applies to bathrooms, where more and more bathroom products, such as fittings, washbasins – sometimes even entire bathrooms – are created in matt black. Now Bette has added freestanding bathtubs in matt black.

Delbrück-based, Bette, is offering matt black in its freestanding BetteLux, BetteStarlet and BetteArt collections, many of which also offer wall and corner variants. Made of glazed titanium-steel, with large surfaces, these baths almost look like graphic elements in the bathroom. The matt black surface "Ebony" helps the baths to develop a monolithic presence.

Staging matt black in the bathroom

When staging black bathroom elements, two scenarios can be particularly emphasised: a subtle tone-on-tone design or an effective black and white scheme. In a black bathroom, the individual elements fade into the background in favour of the room architecture and clear structures, with the matt black bath integrated into the overall picture. If it is staged in a white bathroom, this impression is reversed: the bathroom becomes a stage and the bath a key player.


The advantages of the used material are also retained in the matt black design of the bathtubs: the glazed titanium steel forgives small mishaps and even a burning candle on the edge of the bath. With its glass-hard surface, it offers, according to the manufacturer, dirt and bacteria virtually no breeding ground and is easy to keep clean.