Das Château de Vignée in den belgischen Ardennen

Château de Vignée transports Ardennes landscape into interior

Badezimmer mit Produkten von Dornbracht und Alape

The fittings from Dornbracht and basins from Alape harmonize perfectly with the expressive marble in the bathrooms.

On the outskirts of Villers-sur-Lesse, in the Belgian Ardennes, is seated the Château de Vignée. Originally a manor house and farmhouse from the 18th century, it is now a boutique hotel and part of Relais & Chateaux, an association that brings together over 580 independent hotels with a unique character.

In the case of the Hotel Château de Vignée, it is the original Ardennes landscape that has been poetically and often surprisingly transferred to the interior of the ancient property. With the interior, the studio WeWantMore, which is responsible for the renovation, artfully tells little stories which are spun on in the bathrooms with products from the sanitary companies Dornbracht and Alape.

Black matt fittings and basins mesh with expressive marble in the bathrooms

For the bathroom design of the Château, the choice of the interior designers fell on the Dornbracht faucet Tara in Matte Black and the Alape basins ABKE 400 and AS 400, also in Matte Black. Fittings and basins harmonize perfectly with the expressive marble in the bathrooms. The color, grain and texture of the stone and the Matte Black finish of the TARA faucets and the Alape basins seem to be made for each other. As a permanent contact for the design studio, the building owners and the trades the Dornbracht Premium Consulting Service acted and accompanied the extensive project in all phases showing flexibility in the combination of the portfolios and in the specification.