Nova Fonte von Kludi

Kludi Nova Fonte: one concept, three designs, many design variations

Nova Fonte Classic von Kludi

Uniform design language - lots of features: the Nova Fonte design line from Kludi.

With Nove Fonte Kludi presents a new fittings range with an innovative concept that opens up a wide range of design options for the bathroom. With the three design variations Classic, Puristic and Déco, each of which interprets the classic-modern bathroom in its own way, the Sauerland-based fittings manufacturer offers bathroom designers a wide range of options - the right solution for almost every style of living and personal taste in furnishing.

The three style options find visible expression in particular in the way handles and tap bases combine purist and classic design elements. All design variations are inspired by the magnificent historical two-handle fittings. They want to transfer grace and elegance into the modern by reducing the archetypal form to the essential.

Three designs - one design language

Nova Fonte Classic von Kludi

The striking cross handle and the cylindrical, stepped, almost co-lumnar bases give Nova Fonte Classic its distinctive character. The cross handles follow in the tradition of classic style elements, while their clear and filigree design also gives them a contemporary look.

Nova Fonte Puristic von Kludi

The exact geometries and minimalist shapes of the Nova Fonte Puristic wing handle and base embody timeless elegance and modern grace. Whether stand assembly or wall-mounted fittings, whether mixer for bath or shower - the design shows throughout a simple, calm clarity and a pleasant soothing way.

Nova Fonte Déco von Kludi

The elegant lines of the concave bases at Nova Fonte Déco are seamlessly continued in the curved star-shaped handle, which with its gentle curves fits comfortably in the hand. The fitting combines decorative elements of Art Nouveau with modern country house aesthetics in its very own way.

Whether cross, wing or star handles, whether the tap base is stepped like a column, strictly minimalist or slightly playful: the three versions of Nova Fonte bear the same geometrically design signature so that they can be combined in a bathroom. Eighteen different versions of two-handle fittings are offering a manifold variety: In addition to three-hole and single-hole mixers for stand assembling, concealed variants for wall mounting with spouts in two lengths are also available. Nova Fonte also offers matching two-handle mixers for bath and shower as well as bath- and shower sets in all three style variants.

More comfort thanks to special features

Lami­nar-Strahl­reg­ler von Kludi

The pressure-independent laminar jet regulator ensures crystal-clear water, like the water in a lake up in the mountains.

However, Nova Fonte does not only want to convince because of its versatile application possibilities and the creative potential of its three design variants. In addition, some interesting technical features want to increase the comfort of use and enhance the enjoyment of water in the bathroom. The pressure-independent laminar jet regulator ensures crystal-clear water, like the water in a lake up in the mountains. It produces a transparent stream of water, which – as opposed to the usual method – is not mixed with air. The water flows into the sink as quietly as a whisper and almost without splashing.

Nova Fonte Déco von Kludi

Thanks to the soft-start tops, annoying splashing water due to unintentional oversteering can be avoided and the cleaning effort at the washstand can be reduced to a certain extent.

This is particularly relevant as Kludi Nova Fonte allows the water flow to be metered more precisely than is possible with conventional fittings. Thanks to special Soft-Start tops, which open and close the valve by 90°, the water flow can be precisely regulated: Precise regulation of the water quantity means that only the amount of water actually needed at the time flows. Furthermore, this avoids the annoying splashing of water, reducing the amount of cleaning needed at the washstand. In addition, the swivel range of the Nova Fonte three-hole and single-hole pilar fittings can be locked easily in place or limited to 150° using a ring. To enable the spout to swivel a full 360°, a second ring is required, which Kludi provides with the fitting.

Zero percent plastic

Kludi completely eliminates plastic materials in the packaging of all products from the Nova Fonte range. Instead, the company relies on organic packaging material made from starch, a renewable resource. The advantage for people and the environment: this poly-mer-like material is 100 percent biodegradable and compostable according to DIN 13432.