Vitrinenschrank aus der neuen Burgbad-Kollektion Lavo 2.0 in Basaltgrau Matt

A gem for the bathroom: Lavo 2.0 from Burgbad

Kollektion Lavo 2.0 in Basalt Grau Matt mit Mineralguss-Flächenwaschtischen, Spiegelschränken und Highboard mit Innenschrank

The new Lavo 2.0 collection from Burgbad: an elegant design language around the oval, high-quality surfaces, consoles and highboards as well as atmospheric accent lighting create an emotional ambience in a modern interpreted mid-century style.

A vanity unit like a dresser, elegant consoles and sideboards, big illuminated display cabinets and impressive highboards – the furniture from Burgbad’s new Lavo 2.0 collection conjures up an almost salon-like atmosphere in the bathroom. The gently rounded fronts harmonise with the oval of the mineral cast washbasin and illuminated mirror to give the bathroom a cosy character.

The snug feel is also underscored by the integrated lighting – an aspect that played a particularly important role in Lavo 2.0’s development. The lighting accents created by the display cabinets are especially atmospheric, illuminating both the contents of the furniture and the room. Available in a cool shade of matt ice blue, neutral white, on-trend basalt grey or upmarket mocca oak, the in-house design developed by Teresa Meister combines the charm of the mid-century style with modern straightforwardness.

Stylish all round: edgy vanity top or sculptural sit-on basin

Basaltgraue Waschtischeinheit Lavo 2.0 mit schwarzem Keramik-Aufsatzbecken

Elegant ensemble: the basalt gray washbasin unit Lavo 2.0 with rounded console plate and black ceramic countertop basin; the curves are framed by the vertical handle bar and side pilaster strips.

The new series only has one thing in common with Burgbad’s original Lavo collection: the oval. Like a template, it recurs in the illuminated mirror, the curves of the thermoformed fronts and the vanity top. The slight overhang and narrow edge of the mineral cast vanity top emphasise the expanse of its surface, while the basin itself is surrounded by a wide rim. The standard width vanity top (720mm) has a centrally positioned basin, whereas the wider models are asymmetric with the bowl to the left or right, resulting in a wide side ledge that slopes gently towards the basin. Even so, the oval remains recognisable in the form of a graduated profile.

The sit-on basins look like a precious bowl on top of the dresser and come in 6 variants with a console top that can be combined with any of the matching vanity cabinet options. The ceramic version is available in black or white, permitting striking contrasts.

Beautiful storage space: the cabinet takes centre stage

avo 2.0-Ensemble in Eiche Dekor Mokka

Classic & dignified - and yet extraordinary: The Lavo 2.0 ensemble in mocha oak decor with offset wall-mounted washbasin and sideboard creates airy tension and plenty of space for decoration - just like the two tall cupboards with glass doors.

It’s no coincidence that the collection has such a “furniture-like” character. The cabinets are the focal point of the range. Whether they take the form of a wall-mounted vanity cabinet, a rectangular tall cabinet or a display cabinet: thanks to their shape and appearance, they would look equally at home in a living room or bedroom setting. That’s also due to the finishes, which range all the way from soft matt to high gloss to on-trend wood effects, and to details like the vertical accents created by the long-line handles or the shadow gaps and lesene-like side panels. And that means even the straight-edged tall cabinets can be combined to create a double-width unit with double doors – with or without glass insets.

But the real eye-catcher is undoubtedly the highboard – especially in the display cabinet version, which has glass doors framed by thermoform friezes on the sides and stages its illuminated contents to perfection. The inner cabinet is a particularly original highlight and takes on a very special aura thanks to the indirect lighting. It’s opened by means of the overhanging doors and can be selected in a different colour. Integrated accent lighting with a motion detector is also available for certain models.

Soft curves or straight lines: illuminated mirror and mirror cabinet

Lavo 2.0 von Burgbad in frischem, skandinavisch angehauchtem Eisblau Softmatt

The ceramic countertop basin forms a harmonious relationship with the oval of the illuminated mirror

The illuminated mirror with LED lighting around its perimeter features the recurring geometric motif of the collection in its purest form: an oval made up of two circles.

Although the mirror cabinet version echoes Lavo 2.0’s characteristic curves in the rounded dimmable LED lights on its sides, it is otherwise as uncompromisingly right-angled as the narrow tall cabinet, which means Lavo 2.0 can be used to create classic linear arrangements as well. The area beneath the cabinet can also be illuminated with optional basin lighting.

The Lavo 2.0 accessories return to the characteristic rounded shapes and have an almost poetic impact: they embody the sun and moon motif in gold-coloured metal, a walnut-effect finish and mirrors. The range includes a wall shelf with mirror and towel holder, a mobile, stand-mounted tray shelf with towel holder and a hanging shelf with towel holder that’s suspended from the ceiling.

Versatile: from timeless elegance or youthful freshness all the way to classic purity

Thanks to the wide selection of finishes, Lavo 2.0 can radiate minimalist simplicity, conjure up a fresh Scandi style or even exude mid-century flair with dark wood-effect surfaces. And because the furniture can be combined with chrome-coloured or black long-line handles and aluminium feet, it’s possible to create totally different colour effects even with the emphatically plain, monochrome finishes. The suspenseful asymmetry of the vertical long-line handles, basin hollow, tap and mirror cabinet doors is offset by details such as the lesene-like sides. Thanks to the delicate balance between uncompromising modernity and echoes of days gone by, Lavo 2.0 looks just as much at home in traditional interiors as it does in modern architecture.